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Personal Bio

After writing for so many years, you slowly learn that nothing you do is ever good enough - and that's not a bad thing at all.

I've been a member of Wattpad since 2012, wrote Fanfictions and only started writing my first original a couple of months ago.

If I could give any advice it would be not to write what you think people want to read, but to write what you'd want to read. It makes the whole experience so, so much easier!

I did some creative writing at school, so ideas, characters and dialogues are my strengths. I am in no way a literature guru and probably won't be 'tearing your book apart', but I will give you my honest to god opinion on your work. Grammar is a bitch. We don't get along that well, but I have a fair amount of knowledge to be able to still be able to help you there.

I look forward to working with you ♥

Preferred Genres

Fanfics or anything music related. Romance is also one I'd prefer. Other than that, I'm not really picky.

Non-Preferred Genres


Relevant Experience

Part of Rebel Elite Book club and beta on others outside of Wattpad. I am also fully bilingual (Afrikaans and English)

Projected Time Frame

I can do one to two chapters per week, if I like your book - I might even do more. (*Whispers* I spend an INSANE amount of time on Wattpad)

Communication Preference

Wattpad, Slack & WhatsApp (if I work with you, please specify which form of communication you'd prefer. I'll send you my WhatsApp number privately - if you need it)

For submissions, I will work on Wattpad, so please make sure you only pitch me stories you've published on Wattpad.

Want to Pitch LeViNeFrEaK?

*Make sure to comment your application on this chapter!

This helps keep everything organized.*

Things to include in your pitch:

- Why you're looking for a beta

- A quick summary of your book

- Your goals for your book going forward

- What exactly you're looking for feedback on (spelling, grammar, plot, character development, help overcoming writer's block)

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