Meeting Athena (EDITED)

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It was the day of my first Quidditch match, against Ravenclaw. As I sat on my broom, above the other players, I glanced at the seeker opposite me, taking in her gentle features, she was quite pretty, with blonde hair and a kind smile. I returned the small gesture, then returned to my competitive state.

Madame Zuwachs released the bludgers, which launched themselves into the air, whizzing past my ear, followed by the golden snitch. Tossing the quaffle upward, the game began, chasers darting to and fro, I flew upward, away from the crowd and raucous chaos. Glancing around, the snitch was nowhere in sight. Of course, my father had given me excellent clues on where I would find the snitch in a game of Quidditch, knowing that I wanted to become a Seller, like him. So I searched in the clustered areas of the field, ignoring the commotion around me.

The game didn't last very long, approximately fifteen minutes, at the most, I wasn't really keeping time. In the last minute before the end of the match, I spotted it, a golden gleam, speeding up, I chased after it, with the Ravenclaw seeker right on my tail, I reached, desperately trying to grab the tiny ball. The opposition's Seeker bumped against my side, almost knocking me off course. Clever move. Stretching my arm, I grabbed it, and the game ended.

"Gryffindor wins!" Madame Zuwachs cried over the cheers of the crowd.

After many hugs and pats on the back from my team, the opposition seeker approached me.

"Hi," she said quietly,"I'm Athena, you played really well back there."

"Thanks." I replied. "You too. Nice idea, trying to knock me off course, you got good flying form too."

"You're Lily Potter, aren't you? I've read so much about your dad, he is really cool, my mum knew him." She told me, grinning proudly.

"Is your mum Luna Lovegood?"

"Longbottom now, but yeah."

"Wow! My parents gave me my middle name  because of your mum."

"Cool. You know, my mum said that it would be ok if we went Knargle hunting over one holidays, she said that I could bring a friend if I wanted, would you like to come? I know it seems a little strange, seeing as we only just met, but I don't really have many friends..." She confessed.

"I'd love to! Those are the things dad told me about, right? The ones that fill your head and cloud your thoughts?"

"Yeah. Those are the ones, always making exams so hard." She laughed.

"Alright, I have to go, see you 'round, Athena."


Wow, she was really nice, I think I have made a new friend. She may have been a little odd, but the Lovegoods were known for their quirks. My parents had always told me that Luna had always been strangely different, but that was why she was loved by her friends, she brought some excitement and a little bit of crazy into their lives. Maybe Athena could do the same for me.

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