Chapter 43

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"Taylor!" I say leaping off the couch. I shove Taylor but he barely moves. I kneel down to Matt and kiss his forehead.

"You didn't want him to do that to you"

"You don't know what I want"

"I'm your best friend"

"You're never here anymore!"

"That's crazy! I'm always here! I get away for what 3 hours and you're saying we aren't best friends anymore!"

"Taylor" Jack J intervenes

"Shut up for once Jack! We all know you want to win that bet with Nash but just stop for once and let me talk to Sky"

"What bet?"

"It's nothing Sky" Jack says quickly.

"Oh stop ass sucking Jack and tell her" Taylor says rolling his eyes and waving his arms in the air.

"Taylor please" Jack begs

"Jack and Nash made a $50 bet to see who could get you to sleep with them first" Taylor explains

"$50? Is that really all I'm worth? Did all of you know about this?" I ask the rest of the boys. They all avoid eye contact with me. "So everyone I call my friend knew about this?"

"Sky, let us explain" Nash pipes up

"No, I think you should all go"

"Sky please" Jack says

"No, I trusted you with everything. Both of you. I came to you with all my worries and problem but all you wanted was to get with me"

"It's not like that! Please don't do this" Jack pleads.

"When I get back from school tomorrow, I want you all gone" I say sternly "Don't even get me started on you Taylor. Call yourself my best friend but you didn't think to tell me? Yeah thanks mate" I spit.

Matt begins to sit up, blood still dripping from his nose. I help him up and drag him to the bathroom.

"I'm sorry" I say, pushing him onto the toilet and dabbing his nose with a wet washcloth.

"For what?" He seems genuinely confused.


"It's not your fault"

"He was just trying to help me. He thought you were hurting me"

"Was I?"

"A bit yeah"

"Sorry. I mean it, it won't happen again, ever. I got mad and jealous of yours and Jack's relationship"

"Well you don't have to be now. He's leaving tomorrow, they all are"

"What? Why?"

"I found out about the bet"

"What bet?" He seems like he has no clue what I'm talking about. I fill him in with all the details that I previously found out a few minutes ago. "I had no idea about this"

"Really?" I say, finding it hard to believe him.

"They didn't tell me that they were planning to come here so why would they tell me about this?"

"I guess so"

"I love you" He smiles sympathetically.

"I-I-I love you too"

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