xxx When I wrote this I was 12 and a very inexperienced author. Now, that I have been working on my writing skills more, I'm going to rewrite this A.S.A.P xxx

Chapter One: Ready For Your Surprise?

Harry was finally off tour after four long months and had a few weeks to just chill, do whatever the hell he wanted to do. Harry's first thing on his on his to-do list would obviously be you, his girlfriend.

He invites you to dinner at Jaime Ce Liue, a new French restaurant in town, for dinner at around 8 O'clock. You prepare for the date by taking a long, soothing, warm bubble bath. Once dried off, you straighten your hair, knowing Harry loves it, apply a black smoky eyeshadow, soak your lashes in mascara and smear strawberry red lipstick on your lucious lips. You want to look sexy for your man, but have to look classy at the same time because you are going to a very fancy, expensive eatery.

You slip on sheer pink panties and a matching pushup bra. You have to look good for Harry after the date when you make love. You slide your body into a skin tight, mid thigh, red dress, showing off your figure. And a pair of blackheels to top it off. You hail a cab and arrive to Jaime Ce Lieu within ten minutes.

You stride on over to the enterance when you feel a warm, pair of strong arms wrap around your middle. "I missed you so much, (Y/N)," your boy purrs in your ear. Blood rushes to your face and you giggle. "I missed my little boy!" you respond. "I'm not so little...if you get what I'm saying." he adds with a wink. Harry is sporting a grey bowtie and he is rocking his natural "sex-hair" as usual.

Your intimate moment is cut short when paparazzi begins to swarm the area. "Shit, let's get inside here. The pap aren't allowed in," Harry grunts in frustration. He ushers you into the restaurant and then to your table. It is a half circle booth with red velvet seats. There is a circular black table placed in the middle, draped with a red lace cloth.

A boquet of white and red roses lie on the table and Harry grins, "This is only part one of your surprise." He hands you the flowers and you smile excitedly, "My surprise? What is it?"

"Well..." he begins, " If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, now would it?" You put on your best puppy dog face and sigh, "I guess you are right!"


You two finish your appatizers when Harry clumsily drops his fork. "Oopsy daisy!" he squeals, yes squeals, in a mocking gay voice. "I'll get that!" The Brit crawls under the table and runs his fingers down your just waxed, smooth legs. "Mahaja! H-harry, what are you doing?!" you say a bit too loudly.

"Shhhh or I can't do this!" your man whispers. Your panties are slowly slide down to your ankles and you feel a warm finger rub your clit. "Ooooh!" you moan into your napkin, hoping no one heard. Harry caresses your already wet vagina and quickly jams a finger in. "Gahhh..." you whimper. He jams in two more fingers and moves them in and out of you. You begin to moan uncontrollably and are forced to cough over and over as a cover. Harry moves his three fingers in and out of you faster and faster.

You feel yourself ready to blow and whisper below the table. "H-harry, b-baby I'm g-going to cum..." Harry cheekily smiles and replies, "Perfect. That was my plan all along." You bury your face in your napkin as you reach an orgasm and the boy attaches his lips to your vagina.

He licks up all the liquids and pulls your underwear back up. Harry crawls out from under the table with his fork and takes his seat as if nothing ever happened. "Now, that was part two. Ready for part three of your surprise, babe?" You swoon at the nickname he gave you and nod a bit nervous. You aren't nearly as kinky as Styles, but you always play his sex games to keep him happy. And plus, they are very pleasurable.