Project Dorian

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This story was written for the WattZombie profile and featured in their E-zine.

Prompt: The evolution of Zombies.

May 2021, on the brink of a genetic revolution

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May 2021, on the brink of a genetic revolution.

Who I am is of no relevance; what I am about to disclose is.

I work with the Centre for Disease Control or for short the CDC. It's our job to battle outbreaks of any kind that threaten the well-being of humanity on a global scale. As I write this, I realize we might just lose this battle.

How do you contain the human mind once it had been unleashed? The mind is not a virus, it's sheer willpower.

Regardless, putting this to paper helps me make sense of it all. I am merely summarizing the information we managed to scrape together—my process of creating order amidst the chaos.

The apocalyptic shift observed in human physiology was never triggered by a fluke of nature. No, it was brought on by the destructive force that was greed mixed with ignorance. The fault may have been encoded in our nature but it was awakened by nurture.

We created them. We became them. They are within the recesses of our minds. Insanity was merely the catalyst.

The question was—and still remains—will we fight or choose to succumb to basic instinct?

Zombies. They plague the earth and mental perseverance is all that stands between our extinction or survival. All we were left with, beyond our own observations, were the crumpled pages—filled with the frantic scribbles—from a madman's diary. His retelling of what took place, horrifying as it was, is all we have to understand ground zero.

It started in 1949. People were still shaken by the aftermath of the war. Instead of rebuilding, some parties sought to better prepare for future disputes—so unfortunate was the wiring of some individuals' logic. It wasn't until 1955 that things took a turn for the worst when they shifted their attention and opened Pandora's box.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) is classified as a mental disorder. Describing a state where at least two distinct personalities are identifiable within a single person. A few odd cases had been documented where the dissociative state was so powerful it altered the biochemistry of the body between states.

How could one 'personality' be allergic, have a disease, yet the other 'personality' within the same body didn't? This phenomenon gave rise to many awed, yet concerning, questions within the scientific and psychological community.

In order to understand the power of the mind, and the human body's ability to quite literally manipulate its biochemistry, a group of white coats led by the infamous Dr. Julian Gray—a young psychiatrist and geneticist known to push the moral limits—was commissioned by a group simply known as The Pantheon

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