Chapter 13

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I pounce at him pointing the rubber chicken while Bob growled. "You pumpus cheesy clod!"

"Well this is awkward."He glared looking down and realize I was laying on top of him. I immediately stood up and he brushed himself.

"The hell you doing here?"

"Eating while exercising." I furrowed my eyebrows still pointing the rubber chicken at him.

"Really? That makes you fat." He stood up.

"Shut your mouth. Betrayal, you did it didn't you? "


"It all makes sense. I was investigating the crime scene because some animal or a person got attacked. They think it was a wolf or a coyote... But its you."

He leaned close glaring at me. "How?"

I pointed to the X mark on his jacket and knife covered in flood and with tiny bits of fur.

"I saw hints and tiny pieces of fur and blood that's different and it doesn't have the metallic taste. Only its sweet." I gave him a stern look.

"Hit the target didn't I?"

"No you-"

"Your Adam's apple moved and you're clutching the knife tightly."

He sighed and put the knife back in his pocket and walked away.

I threw pebble at him and ran towards him.

"I'll cut your legs if you don't talk!" He didn't reply instead he nod.

"Please explain what happened there! Are you trying to kill me?"

He stopped and widened his eyes. "No!" He placed his hands on my shoulders gripping it gently. "I wouldn't do that to you or anybody... Its just... complicated"

Just then Bob bit his leg making him fall and lay on top of him growling. Cain stared at him in shock.

"No! He isn't trying to hurt me. He's just stupid enough to do that." Cain glared at the corner of my eye.

"What... Is this? How is this alive?"

"That's what I'm trying to find ou- Nothing."

Should've kept my mouth shut.

"Find out what?"

"How... It got in my room eating my-- underwear!"

He looked at me with a funny 'awkward okay' look, opening his nosetrills.

I grabbed the book and calmed him down."What are you doing here? I've been looking for you all day but you never show up." I shrugged.

He sighed in defeat. "I was gone because I was hunting a creature lurking in the woods. I don't want to keep the enigmatic to you, but my credibility is still on the line." He walked away as I followed him.

"I mean..." He continued. "What kind of reputation would I have if people thought I was trying dirty and killing? No. I'm tracking this little runt down to prevent them destroying this world and massacre people."

I paused. "Massacre..?"

"Yes. They don't come in the day, only at six o'clock is the start of sucking people dry until they glow and enchantation."

"Wait. You mean what happend to the girl in the-"

"Excatly. That's where I left and do my reasearch and find those little mouthy piece of shits." He stopped.

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