Chapter Thirty-Six: My present to you.

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Chapter Thirty-Six: My present to you.

Thursday night

AS the night came to an end for most, Lydia and George still had a lot to do before midnight.

As they said their goodbyes to everyone, Lydia took George's hand in hers and entwined their fingers. "Come on, I have to show you my present," Lydia said, pulling him out of the house.

George was confused and thought that the party was his present. He didn't want Lydia to get him anything really, all he wanted was her. Only her.

Smiling, he let Lydia drive him to wherever her present was though he already knew whatever she was going to give him he'd love. He loves anything she does.

"Look in the glove compartment and put the eye mask on," Lydia instructed, keeping her eyes on the road. Doing as he was told, George found the eye mask and put it on, "you're not even going to let me see where we are going?"

George heard her chuckle before the car stopped, "if I let you look then it wouldn't be a surprise." Smiling at her excuse, George heard a door open and then the cold crisp air hit him.

Lacing her fingers through George's, Lydia wrapped her arm around his waist and directed him to her gift.

Mindy's diner was lit up with Christmas lights and banners strung across the diner. Lydia had set it all up with the staff while George was catching up with his family.

The booth where they both sat and developed their relationship together was a Chocolate cake with happy birthday George wrote on top with icing.

Taking the mask off George's eyes, Lydia smiled, "happy nineteenth, George."


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