Chapter 26

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Chaeyoung's POV

Yeri came to my ward early in the morning. She brought fruit for me.

"Wanna eat some fruits??" Yeri asked me as she kissed my cheeks.

"Sure.." I said and smiled

She cut the some apples

"How is it??" Yeri asked as she feed me

"Sweet...You feeding me, makes it sweeter.." I said

I saw her face turn red as she blush.

Mina suddenly came in.

"Chaeyoung ah..Look I brought soup, its good for your brain..Drink more." Mina said while taking out some soup.

I was about to thank her when Yeri suddenly stood up and pushed the bowl in her hand causeing it to spill on her clothes as well as her hands.

She hissed in pain but later, she picked up the bowl and spoon.

She started cleaning the floor and I heard some muffled sobbing.

I wanted to help her when Yeri said.

"Chaeyoung don't need your soup.." Yeri raised her voice a little.

I looked down and saw her shoulder shaking.

I look at her hand and saw it swollen and bright red..

I quicky got off bed and got her to stand although my leg and hand have not healed yet.

I dragged her to the toilet to wash her scalded hand with cold tap water.

She hissed in pain at first but slowly she stopped.

After rinsing her hand, I took a towel and dried her scalded hand.

I then dragged her to the doctor and got the doctor to treat her hand.

After that, the doctor wrapped her arm with bandage and she went put and paid the bills.

"Chaeyoung ah..Lets go back.You need to rest.." She said

'Her voice is so familiar..Who is she??' I thought and my head started to hurt.

The similar voice kept on repeating in my mind but it was too fast to catch what it was saying.

"Are you okay??" Mina asked me

'She is definitely something..She must be part of my lost memories..' I said to myself and nodded.

We went back to my ward..

Yeri's POV


'You wanna snatch Chaeyoung from me right?? I will get what I want and its Chaeyoung..Chaeyoung will forever be mine..' I said to myself as I smirk..


Call from unknown


"Lets work together..I know you want Chaeyoung all by yourself and I want Mina..Lets work together.."

"I don't even know you..Why would I work with you.."

"Lets meet up..Lets meet at xxx..We both have the same motive so why not work toegther.."

"Okay..Lets meet at xxx.."

End call


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