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Clancy's POV:

"Its been a day and you still haven't found her," I yelled at Rob. "In all fairness sir, Mark had her in his grasp and he lost her. " Rob retaliated back in a surprisingly calm voice. "The blue showed up and took me by surprise," Mark said back, proving how ill trained he was. "You should be prepared for anything these stupid kids might throw at us," I said, referring back to the training we all went through when we first joined forces with The League. "Yes sir but they have powers we don't," he said, well you might not but I do which is why I could do this. My eyes glowed orange and I could see the fear in his eyes, against his own will, Mark took his gun out of his hoister and held to his head, 321, BANG, and there he was lying on the floor, dead. "Anybody else wanna test me," I said and nobody replied. "That's what I thought, now find that girl," I finished and everyone went off to their individual stations, in hopes of finding my soon-to-be super soldier.

2 hours later:

"Tell me someone has some sort of good news for me," I said as I walked back into the control room. "We all have a small lead on her but we're expanding on it and we should have a location in Alex in a few minutes," Dr Connor replied as she walked towards me. "You better or the same thing that happened to Mark will happen to one of you," I said, making my eyes glow orange in order to intimidate them. "We got a location sir," one of my informants said after a couple minutes. "Their a good few miles west of the camp," she continued. "Good, Rob you and your best men go and get the girl and her friends. No harm is to come to Alex but if any of her friends cause any harm dispose of them," I said in my bossy voice, not that I'm bossy. "Yes sir, you heard the man lets move," Rob said, lifting his rifle and heading towards the exit with a couple dozen men following behind him. " Dr Connor prepare there cells in room A, I'm going to visit our newest arrival in room 74," I said. "Yes sir," she replied walking away in the direction of room A and I started walking towards room 74.

I reached room 74 and typed the code into the panel, 784920, and like usual the door a door and opened a crack and I pushed it the rest of the way and there she was, sitting in the floor of her cage, Lily, Alex's 14 year old sister, who was a green. "What do you want from me?" she asked as I came into view. "I don't want anything from you. I want your sister to fight along side me and your here to make sure, she does what she is told," I explained as I walked closer to her. "If you hurt Alex..." Lily began to say. "You'll what, you're a green Lily, I'm an orange, I can make you hurt yourself faster than you can figure out how to get out of that cage. So enlighten me, what will you do if I hurt your sister?" I said, cutting her off. She didn't reply. "Exactly what I thought, now be a good little girl and don't go anywhere, oh wait you can't," I said, chuckling to myself and leaving the room. 

The door closed behind me and clicked as the locked went into the place. "Have they got them yet?" I asked as I walked into the control room. "Not yet but their closing in on them as we speak," one of the informants replied. "And what about their 'accommodations'?" I asked as I spotted Dr Connor in the corner. "All ready for their arrival but if you don't mind me asking, you have Lily to use as leverage against Alex but what about the others?" she asked me. "Well I plan on using Zu as leverage against Chubs and Liam well I have a special surprise in stall for Liam, come and I'll show you my leverage against him," I said, walking out of the room, Dr Connor behind me, and heading towards room F. We arrived and I typed the code into the panel, 479832, I made all the codes different for security reasons, once again the door opened and we walked. In the centre of the room was a cage with someone who will determine whether or not we have Liam on our side. "Dr Connor, I'd like you to meet Liam's childhood best friend, Mike this is Dr Connor," I said, introducing our newest prisoner to our best doctor. "Liam, will never help you, not for me," Mike said, speaking for the first time in 3 days. "Oh, I believe you're not familiar with the plan as the plan is not to threaten to kill you but it is to show Liam what I will do to his precious family if he doesn't do what I want him to do," I said, pulling out a gun. "Anything you want me to pass onto Liam for you?" I asked but before he could answer I shot him in the head.


Alex and Lily were split up the camps and you assumed she was dead. You are 16 and she is 14.

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