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It had been ten weeks since the twins were born and the boys had turned into pretty much the best uncles ever. They were constantly at our flat, playing with Isabella and Simon. It was a relief that they were so excited to entertain the twins because I was starved for sleep. Zayn and I spent half the day napping most days since the twins seemed to wake up every couple hours nearly every night.

Despite my sleep deprivation, I could not have been any happier. We had been home in London for almost a week and the boys were on a much deserved break. Traveling with the twins had been immensely challenging for both myself and Zayn. More than once I sent him to go stay with one of the other boys because it wasn't fair to the fans when he was exhausted because of the twins keeping him up every night. As a result, our relationship had been under some serious strain. We never fought, but I wasn't used to seeing so little of him. Now that we were back in London things had been much better, and I was happy to spend every night lying in his arms. 

Boris, Zayn's dog, was staying with his parents while the twins were still small. He'd been staying there while we were in America and we figured we'd wait a few weeks before bringing him back to the flat. The cats, Rolo and Tom were around somewhere, and seemed happy enough around the twins. Zayn had been worried about it, but we were both pleasantly surprised when they claimed the twins' room as their favorite hiding spot. 

"Ok, this picture is officially adorable," I announced, looking at my phone. I had just snapped a picture of Louis holding Isabella in the air. The two of them were both laughing, something which she had been doing only for a couple days. 

"Send it to me!" He demanded, making a funny face, causing Isabella to giggle again. "Can I please, please, please, Tweet it?" He begged. 

"What do you think, sweetheart?" I asked Zayn. We had been ultra careful to keep pictures of the twins from the media. 

"Michelle cleared it weeks ago," he shrugged, fixing a bottle for Simon. "I say let him do it. We've hidden them away for long enough. It's selfish of us to keep the two most perfect babies away from the world." 

"Go ahead, boobear," I sighed, taking Isabella from him. 

"YES!" He cheered loudly, immediately typing away on his phone. 

Louis_Tomlinson: So happy to have spent the day with my beautiful goddaughter. Love you Isabella Malik!!! pic.twitter.com/al3mm6j 

PreciousGemma123: Isabella loves spending time with her uncle Lou #carrots 

Louis laughed as he read my Tweet. Isabella was currently wearing an orange onesie he'd had made for her that read I <3 Carrots. "What time do you reckon you guys will be back tonight?"

"We shouldn't be too late. Just meeting Uncle Simon for dinner. He should be here any minute. He wants to meet the twins," I replied. "Are you sure you don't mind watching them?"

"Harry should be here any minute to help. You two should go out. You've practically been hermits since they were born," Louis answered, making a shooing motion with his hand. 

"Hard to believe it's been eight weeks," Zayn said, walking over to us. He kissed my temple, still holding the bottle to Simon's mouth.

I snapped a picture of Zayn feeding Simon. He was looking down at him, smiling, and my heart melted at the sight. Zayn had risen to the challenges of fatherhood spectacularly, and he never once complained. I sent it to his cell phone just as he set Simon onto a blanket on the floor so he could play with his stuffed dog. "This is lovely," he commented, looking at the picture. 

ZaynMalik: Being a dad is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me :) x pic.twitter.com/cna4jg

"You guys are grossly cute," Harry commented, entering the flat. "Let me see my godson!"  Zayn laughed and handed Simon to him. Simon immediately burst into tears, but Harry reunited him with his bottle, effectively silencing the little boy. "I think he looks like me!"

"Totally. With his black hair and brown eyes, you two could be twins," Louis said sarcastically. 

"Gemma?" Someone called from the entrance of the flat. 

"We're in here, Eleanor," I called back, smiling at the sound of her voice. 

"I didn't realize you were coming over, El," Louis said, frowning. 

She gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I'm not staying. I'm having dinner with the girls tonight. I've just come to drop something off for Gemma." 

"What did you bring?" Harry asked curiously, trying to peek into the bag.

"None of your beeswax!" She laughed, swatting his shoulder playfully.

I accepted the little brown bag from her and peeked inside. Seeing something black and lacy I felt my cheeks heat up, but I grinned at her none the less. "You are an absolute saint."

"More than happy to help." She grinned back at me. "Glad the doctor's appointment went well."

"I didn't know you had a doctor's appointment today," Zayn frowned. 

"It was nothing important. Just making sure that I'm healing up well," I replied breezily. "I'm just going to drop this off in our room. I'll be right back."

"Little does Zayn know..." Eleanor giggled after she followed me into my room.

"I figured it would be a pleasant surprise. He hasn't complained once about our lack of love- life, but I can't imagine he's enjoyed the past few months," I said. "I would have picked something up myself, but I couldn't find anyone to watch the twins since the boys were interviewing all day."

"Always happy to help. Besides, lingerie shopping is fun." She grinned and bumped me with her hip as I stowed the bag in my dresser for later tonight. 

"Gemma, Simon is here," Zayn called from the front.

I heard one of the twins start crying, but when I got there Simon was holding little Simon in his arms and was grinning like a fool. "Best looking babies I've ever seen," he told me, kissing me on the cheek. "Hello, Eleanor!"

"Hi, Simon," Eleanor replied. "I'm actually just taking off. Nice to see you!" She gave Louis one last kiss before departing.

Zayn had just sent me a photo of Simon holding the baby and I immediately logged on to Twitter. 

PreciousGemma123: Big Simon/ little Simon. What a pair! :) @SimonCowell pic.twitter.com/fj42k

"Shall we be off then?" Zayn asked, wrapping an arm around my waist. 

"I suppose," Simon sighed. He reluctantly handed baby Simon to Louis and pressed a quick kiss on Isabella's forehead. "I'll see you two later, yeah?"

Louis and Harry both replied cheerfully and Zayn led me out to his car. "So what was in the bag?" He asked, shooting me a sideways look.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"I really would, hence the question," he replied.

"It's a surprise." I couldn't keep myself from smirking as hard as I tried.

"Am I going to like this surprise?" 

"If you don't then we have a serious problem," I laughed. I placed my hand on top his, which was resting on the gearshift. 

He glanced at our touching hands and smiled but didn't say anything.

"Reminds me of our first date," I murmured.

"How come?"

"Because even now, I still get butterflies from touching your hand." 

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