At that exact moment there was a deafening rumble of thunder and the doors of the Great Hall banged open. Every student and professor turned their heads in the direction of the sound. A man stood in the doorway, leaning upon a long staff, wearing a large brown traveling cloak. He lowered his hood and revealed his dark grey hair and began to walk up towards the teachers' table. 

The man reached Dumbledore who greeted him with a handshake and a small hug whilst muttering some words to him that Aurora couldn't make out before he walked over to the table and sat down on the empty seat and began to eat away at the sausages on his plate.

"May I introduce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher," Dumbledore said brightly, "Professor Moody."

"Why the hell is Moody teaching us?" Lee asked, his voice sounding shocked.

"Well, he is probably the most suited for this job, isn't he?" Aurora said causing the twins to nod and agree with her before they all turn back to the front where Dumbledore carried on talking about the event that will be taking place at Hogwarts.

"As I was saying, we are to have the honour of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months, an event which has not been held for over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you all that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year."

"You're JOKING!" Fred exclaimed loudly.

Dumbledore chuckled, "I am not joking, Mr Weasley," he said, "although, now that you've mentioned it, I did hear an excellent one over the summer about a troll, a hag and a leprechaun who all go into a bar-"

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat loudly. 

"Er-but perhaps this is not the time," Dumbledore said clearing his throat, "Right, where was I? Ah yes, the Triwizard Tournament...well, some of you will not know what this Tournament involves, so I hope those who do know will forgive me for giving a short explanation, and allow their attention to wander freely," Dumbledore said before he started to explain the Tournament.

Aurora's attention turned to Fred and George who were excitingly whispering about how they should compete in the Tournament.

"Even though I know all of you will want to bring the Triwizard Cup to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said, "the Heads of the participation schools, along with the Ministry of Magic, have agreed to impose an age restriction on contenders this year. Only students ho are of age- that is to say, seventeen years or older- will be allowed to put forward their names for consideration...."

"That is ridiculous!" George shouted throwing his arms up in the air whilst Fred shouted, "That's not fair!"

"This," Dumbledore carried on his voice becoming louder due to the Great Hall erupting in loud protests of the new rule, "is a measure we feel is necessary,given that the Tournament tasks will still be difficult and dangerous. I will personally be ensuring that no underage student will put their name forward," his eyes flickered to Fred and George, "I therefore beg you not to waste your time submitting yourself if you are under seventeen. Beauxbatons and Durmstrang schools will be arriving in October, and will remain will us for the greater part of this school year. I know that you will all extend every courtesy to our foreign guests while they are here with us, and will give your whole-hearted support to the Hogwarts champion when he or she is selected. And, now, it is late, and I know how important it is to you all to be alert and rested as you enter your lessons tomorrow morning. Bedtime! Chop chop!" Dumbledore sat back down and chatted away to Mad-Eye Moody whilst the students all stood up, leaving the Hall through the giant doors.

"They can't do that," George said, his voice annoyed, "we're seventeen in April, why can't we have a shot?"

"They're not stopping me entering," Fred said, stubbornly, "The champions'll get to do all sorts of stuff you'd never be allowed to do normally. Not to mention the thousand Galleon price money!"

"You heard what Dumbledore said," Aurora said, her voice calm and smooth as she placed a hand on Fred's arm, "He's going to make sure no under age student will get in."

"We'll think of something," George told the girl as the four sixteen year olds walked through the Hogwarts halls. 

Aurora frowned as she looked up at Fred, "It's dangerous though, people have died in this competition."

Fred looked down at the girl, his eyes softening as he looked at her brown glistening eyes he opened his mouth to say something but George quickly ran in between the pair and pushed Fred away, "Freddie, don't look at her like that, we're doing this," he said to his brother sternly before he dragged his twin away to the Gryffindor common room.

"So....." Lee said, Aurora looked over at him, "You two kissed!?"

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