Chapter 2.

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I finished watching all of the episodes on the dvd so I turned off my tv. I kept thinking about that house across the street. Honestly it did look like Joe Gatto was entering that house, I wanted to go see if it was true. I doubt it though, why would the guys live in such a public neighborhood? I decided to go for a walk, maybe I could meet the person living in that house. Hopefully it was Joe.

"Mom! Dad! I'm gonna go walk around the neighborhood." I yelled

"Okay be careful." My mom said

I went outside and started walking on the road. It's so peaceful here... I heard a noise behind me, I turned around and saw an adorable dog following me.

"Hey buddy." I crouched down and started to pet it. I looked at her name tag.... Cannoli!? Isn't that... Joe's dog? This couldn't be happening. The dog ran back toward the house across the street. My heart started to race. I decided I needed to stay near that house to find out if Joe actually might live there, even if he didn't. I just needed to be sure.

Honestly I'm not like this but I do like to know stuff and I'd do anything to find out the truth. I sat down on the chair on the porch. I actually decided to read a book instead. I got out the book Looking for Alaska and started to read. My light was blocked when someone approached me.

"Sorry to interrupt but are you new here?" I glanced up from my book. Standing right in from of me was Brian Quinn from Impractical Jokers.

"Oh..uh yeah I am."

"Well welcome to the neighborhood, I'm Brian."

"Thanks. I'm Zoey, I actually know who you are."

"Oh so you are a fan of the show?"

"Absolutely, you are so hilarious."

"Thanks. Glad to meet a fan."

"You meet lots of fans I bet."

"Yea but most aren't are chill as you." He smiled

"Thanks, so do you live in that house there?" I asked pointing across the street

"Yes actually. Better if you don't tell anyone so they don't come and bother me."

"Trust me I won't, is Joe there also? I think I might have saw him and his dog Cannoli ran up to me."

"Yeah he's just hanging out right now but I live alone."

"I wish I lived alone but my parents want me to always be near them since they just moved."

"Where did you guys move from?" asked Q

"Brooklyn, I used to live alone but they made me move with them."

"I love Brooklyn! Well I should get going, great talking to you."

"Alright, you too."

He walked back into his house.... Did I just meet Brian Quinn?? Q from Impractical Jokers? I actually talked to him too and he's living across from me. Wow this is so cool. I decided to keep it to myself, I didn't want to disobey him by saying where he lived. I continued reading. It was close to dinner time so I went inside, my mom heated up some Lean Cuisine's because we didn't have food yet. I was so tired, it was a big day, so I went upstairs to my room. I decided to not tell anyone about me meeting Brian Quinn and knowing that he lives across from me because I don't want to brag or sound annoying. Whenever I talk about these guys, people get upset so I just don't even try anymore. I went to sleep happy. In the morning I woke up and went downstairs to find a note on the kitchen counter from my mom.

"Went food shopping be back later, your father went to work. There's some cereal in the pantry and milk in the fridge, you know what to do. Love mom."

I made myself the cereal and went into the living and turned on the tv. Spongebob was on. I heard a knock on the door so I got up and went to answer it.

"Hey." It was Q

"Oh hi... Sorry I just woke up, I look really bad." I said

"Nah you look fine, sorry for coming so early but since you are new here, would you like a tour of the neighborhood?"

"Really? That's so nice, sure. I just need to get ready."

"Well since you were chill yesterday and since we are going to be neighbors why don't we be friends?" He smiled in the most cutest way

"That would be great! Come in." I said

He came in and sat on the couch.

"Spongebob huh? I love that show."

"Really? I didn't think you would like it, since it's for kids."

"Hey I am a kid."

"Haha well I'm gonna go get ready."

I ran upstairs. Oh god what do I wear!? I didn't have enough time for a shower so I just splashed my face with water and quickly brushed my teeth. I put on some dark blue jeans and a white flowy shirt. I brushed my hair and curled it as quick as possible, then I did my natural makeup and put on my flats. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked decent. I put my phone and wallet in my pocket and the went downstairs.

"Hey sorry it took so long." I said

"Boy you clean up fast. It's ok, I got distracted by spongebob anyway." said Q, I laughed.

"So shall we go? My car is parked in my driveway."

"Sure, just let me write a note for my mom so she doesn't wonder where I am."

"That's cute." He said

I left the note on the kitchen counter and went outside. Q led me into his car which was very clean and smelt new.

"Did you just get this car?" I asked

"Actually no, it's just the car freshner I have." He laughed

"Oh. So why do we need to take a car to take a tour of the neighborhood?" I asked

"Well that wasn't entirely true..."

"What do you mean?"

"You ask a lot of questions and I'm gonna show you the neighborhood but also I'm gonna take you to town and maybe get some lunch." He said

"Oh okay, I thought you were going to kidnap me or something."

"Nah what would I do with a pretty smart girl like you? You would just get away."

"Awe." I laughed

We drove around the town for a bit, Q was describing every single place and store we saw. It was actually nice to be next to him, it was normal too actually. Like it was supposed to be this way.

"Zoey, you okay?" He glanced over at me, I snapped back into reality.

"Oh yeah sorry." I said

"Haha it's okay, so is it ok if we meet up with the other guys here?" He parked in front of a pizzeria.

"Yea that's fine." I said

We walked in and saw Joe, Sal, and Murr sitting at a booth. They saw us and waved.

"Hey guys, this is my neighbor Zoey, she's new and a fan." He said

"Hey Zoey." The guys all said in unison

"Hi." I smiled so big that I felt embarrassed.

"Are you new here? I think I saw you yesterday." said Joe

"Yeah actually, I met your dog." I said

"Oh isn't she a cutie?"


"Who's your favorite joker?" asked Murr

"Q, but that doesn't mean I don't love you guys any less." I said

"Oh that hurts." said Sal

"Really? Me?"

"Yeah, I just really like how funny and nice you are."

"Thanks." He smiled. I felt like this was going to be so cool living next to him. Boy how lucky am I?

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