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High School Pep Rallies... Joy

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“Not this again!” Grace said walking into her brother’s room to find the everlasting Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter discussion. 

 “Ouch!” Greg said after Elyse chucked her empty water bottle at him for insulting Harry Potter the boy who lived.  “What do you need now?” Greg asked rubbing his head, turning to look at his sister. 

“I wanted to show Elyse my uniform.” Grace said, twirling, her pleated skirt floating around her as she did so.

Greg made a face. “God my sister’s a pom pom ditz two months into school.”

Grace narrowed her eyes at him.  “I’m about to be all aggressive on your ass, chlorine head.”

Elyse could only laugh.


“Hey, Elyse left her homework,” one boy said spotting Elyse’s homework on her desk. 

“She’s in the bathroom and she’s not letting you copy her homework.” Greg replied as he tried to finish up his own homework before the teacher entered.

“She doesn’t mind.”

Greg turned to look at the boy, glaring.  “Touch it and I will kick your butt from here to Middle Earth.”

“Whoa man, I know she’s friends with your sister but you don’t need to-”

“She’s not just Grace’s-” The boy didn't get to finish.

At that moment, Elyse walked back into the classroom, chatting with their math teacher.


“Are you okay?” Elyse asked as she and Greg walked to their houses from the bus stop while Grace was at cheerleading practice for tomorrow’s pep rally. 

Greg ran a hand through his perpetually unruly hair. “Does no one at school know we’re friends?”

Elyse opened her mouth, then closed it again, not sure how to answer his question. 

“Does everyone think you’re only Grace’s friend?”

“Well I mean, she does sit at lunch with Heather and I.”

“But you’re my friend first- not Grace’s.”


“I mean Grace would’ve never opened up to you so much or so fast if we weren’t friends.”

“Yeah, I guess,”

“I mean we’re always together, even without Grace.”


“And its only because of stupid English that we don’t have lunch the same period!”


“I mean it’s obvious we’re friends.”  

Elyse threw her hands up in the air as Greg seemed to be having a whole conversation by himself. 


As she ran later that day, while Greg was at swimming, Elyse tried to figure out why Greg was so weird. 

Lost in her thoughts, she barely acknowledged that Snuggles was running right towards her, beady eyes sparkling and white canines snapping.

“Nice doggy, nice doggy,” Elyse tried to say as she jumped trying to avoid the snapping jaws. In response Snuggles only growled.  Elyse made a run for it when she saw Snuggles rear up, looking like he was about to pounce.  “Demonic dog is more like it.” She muttered, taking the short cut to her house. 

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