Chapter 11

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Nyx woke up with a drip in her arm, Victor was looking down at her with a concerned look on his face, and he put something on the table beside her and brushed a strand of her hair out of her face.

            "Victor..." Nyx's voice was barely a whisper and her eyes became unfocused again.

            "Shh." He looked behind him for a moment then back at her. "Read that. And remember... I was never here."

            He left and Nyx felt herself falling into unconsciousness again, she struggled against it and tried to put her thoughts together. Victor was here, did that mean Reed was in danger? She tried to get up but that just made her eyes feel heavier, the next thing she saw was the light fading back out as darkness claimed her once more.

            "Nyx, Nyx... hey get up." She felt someone prodding her arm and swatted it away weakly. "Come on! Reed said you weren't that hurt!"

            Nyx recognized the voice as she began to regain consciousness, Johnny. "What...?"

            "Remember how we agreed to race each other?" He was talking more rapidly now. "I found something better so get up!"

            Nyx winced as something was pulled out of her arm and opened her eyes; Johnny was leaning over her with a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "And how did you know that wouldn't kill me?"

            "You dehydrated yourself not stop your heart." Johnny shrugged and pulled her out of the bed and after him. "Now cover your suit up with some normal clothes, we can change into theirs when we get there."

            "What? Where are we going?" Nyx was almost fully awake now.

            "X-games. Now hurry before the others notice." Johnny went to get his suit but glanced back at her. "And you might want to watch out, Reed's doing a stretch around the building."

            Nyx wasn't confused for long, when she turned the corner she found part of her brother's arm stretching through the hall and around the corner. Ignoring the unusual sight she went into her room and put more comfortable clothes on over her suit. When she went outside to meet Johnny she saw him pull up in his red sports car.

            "Get in." Johnny told her as he pushed the door open.

            "With your speakers blaring it's a miracle no one hears you." Nyx replied as she shut the door.

            Johnny sped off to where the X-games were being held and got a motocross suit to go over the space one along with a dirt bike to do tricks on. He walked back out and saw Nyx waiting for him impatiently.

            "Where's mine?"

            "Sorry I could only find one. But you can watch me sweep the crowd off their feet when I use my powers to fly and land the jump."

            "Sue has told you a million times you can't fly."

            "I can, just watch." Johnny held her close to him. "I'll show both of you..."

            Nyx watched as a crazy light lit up his eyes, but listened to what Johnny said and went to the edge of the arena incase he did need her help. Which she knew he would. First she watched other competitors do tricks and earn cheers and awed gasps from the crowd before Johnny was up, he did a few tricks that already blew the others out of the water but then she saw he was starting to smoke. He went for the tallest dirt ramp and flew off, he jumped off his bike as flames destroyed the normal material completely, leaving him only in his suit that could contain his powers. Nyx saw that the flames were starting to go out and he started to fall, not thinking it through she unfolded her wings and flew out to catch him. She landed and he looked around disoriented for a second before standing up on his own and going over to the now ruined bike.

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