chapter sixteen - sirius black

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"So I take it you had a good night?" Sirius guessed, as soon as James walked into their dormitory. Remus had left the party a while ago and now lay sprawled out on his bed, a book hovering magically in front of him. Peter was nibbling on a Honeydukes bar.

"The best, Padfoot." James breathed, his face alight and glowing. From his bed, Remus shut his book with a snap.

"Evans again, isn't it?" Sirius sighed.

"She's brilliant, guys. We were dancing and I had to put my arms around her hips-"

"She let you?" Sirius interrupted. James glared at him.

"-and it was amazing. I said we'd meet up with her and the girls in Hogsmeade, maybe grab a few butterbeers and she said it's okay!"

"You haven't knocked your head, have you, mate? Evans agreeing with you?" Sirius teased.

James smiled, too overcome with happiness to notice Sirius. "I just like her so much, guys." His smile faltered. "Wait, do you think she likes me back?"


"I don't think I've ever liked anyone this much!" Lily exclaimed as she changed into her nightclothes. She had washed her makeup off but her face was glowing and alight with happiness.

"Who are you talking about, pray tell?" Dorcas asked politely.

Laurelle had long ago fallen asleep but Marlene and Dorcas had still been awake when Lily had ventured into their dormitory just a bit before midnight.

"James Potter." Lily and Marlene said simultaneously, then they clapped their hands over their mouths as they realized their mistake.

"What?" Dorcas hissed. "You like James?"

Lily nodded, wincing. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, Dorks. I was just-

"I don't care, Lils!" Dorcas interrupted. She bounded over to Lily and flung her arms around her neck. "This is amazing! Next I hear you're dating him, then you kissed him, then you're married, then you make babies, then you-

"Woah, slow down, Dorks." Lily laughed. "The best I've done is dance with him."

"WHAT!" Marlene and Dorcas exclaimed in unison.




"How was it?"

Lily laughed again. "Guys, relax. He asked me to dance after we ate and we did. The first few we just held hands and such but the last ones I had to put my arms around his neck and-" she trailed off, biting her lip and smiling, her mind faraway. "It was wonderful."

Marlene and Dorcas glanced at each other, smiling. "Did he like the dress?" Marlene asked.

Lily glanced back at them. "He said I look stunning. He said I look stunning everyday."

Marlene squealed and Dorcas cheered and hugged Lily again.

"Did he say anything else?" Dorcas inquired.

"He said he's serious about me, said he really likes me."

Marlene snorted. "Of course he is, have you seen the look in his eyes when he sees you?" Lily blushed.

"So what did you say to that?" Dkrcas asked.

"I said I'm sorry." They both stared at her, blinking with disbelieving expressions. "Y'know, for always being a hag to him."

"You shouldn't have said that." Marlene stated. "You should have told him that you like him, too. And then tell him why you like him and how handsome you find him or something."

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