A touch of hope

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Aniket fell asleep, his head on my lap. He was curled up on the park bench, and I didn't have the heart to wake him. I thought I was the heavy sleeper, but Aniket wouldn't wake up even though the children in the park were causing a havoc.

I looked them, enjoying their freedom, innocence and their childhood. They were happy.

I knew I wanted children. Not because my mother was forcing me or Aniket wanted me. This was my own desire. I want children because I absolutely loved them. It was primal instinct; to reproduce and pass on our beliefs and a part of ourselves.

I looked at my options. I can't wake him. I already tried everything; and he looked absolutely adorable, and at peace. I caressed his hair, kissing his head and his sharp nose. I traced his jaw and his hairline, observing every little feature about him. He was perfect. Even in his sleep.

Let's see. I can't call Mayma and Pops to come pick us up; they'd get too worried, since we forwardly told them it was a date.

I could carry him, if I really tried. He's only a few pounds heavier than me, and I knew that he can't carry me much. I decide to go through with it.

I toss him over my shoulder, struggling with his weight for a few seconds. I adjust to it and stomp towards my new home.

"Nice scenery." Aniket says, his face near my rear.

"Don't even think about it," I warn, grasping his arms with my free hand. I don't his hands anywhere near my behind.

"I always knew you were feisty."

"Aniket, do you want me to drop you on your head?"

"No, but I still have to admit, the view is gorgeous."

Aniket stays quiet for a few minutes, so I can't tell if he is sleeping. I can't get to his radial pulse, so I can't really know. I sigh, and carry him to the gates my new home.

"Ma'am?" The watchman calls out. "Is he alright?"

"He's fine. Please, open the door." I say adjusting Aniket over my shoulders. The watchman offers to carry him, but I refuse. I don't trust this man for some reason. His eyes. There's something wicked about this man.

I trust good people very easily, so I decide that I will be vary of the security guard from now. I eye his worn out physique, and decide that this man, if he were a culprit, would not be the muscle or the brains, probably a lanky follower.

"Close the door." I order and climb up the stairs to ring the door bell. Mayma opens the door, and shock fills her eyes, then surprise quickly replaces it. Ma and papi are sitting on the dining table, watching the scenario play out, while Pops just tries to contain his laughter.

"What are you all laughing about?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Pops says seriously at one moment then starts to laugh uncontrollably.

"Prakash, I won the bet. I know my daughter better than anyone." Papi tells Pops.

I place Aniket on the sofa, not bothering to cover him with a blanket.

"What's going on? Will anyone tell me?"

"Well, we were all betting on what would happen when you came in. I bet that you two will kiss on the front porch. Your Mayma argued that My son-in-law will carry you like the other night. To counter that, your Appa said that you will carry him through the door. And your Pops said that Aniket will try to kiss you and you will scold him for it."

"Well, I guess my Papi always wins. He knows me better than anyone."

"No, I know you both. You have asthma, but you will never be vulnerable
in a challenge. Aniket, on the hand will probably be tired after what you made him go through. I guessed that he will fall asleep, and I tried to think like my daughter. I guess it worked."

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