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Heyyaa guys! Okay, I'll tell you guys right now, this book wasn't as great as I wanted it to be. It was rushed and very sloppy. So I made an updated version!! I'll show a comparison to the first chapter of this one, and some of the first chapter of the new one (the new one is longer)

This one:

I walked in to speak with the judge. Today's case was that my dad stole from a drug store. He told me to cover for him. I always cover for dad, but sometimes it doesn't work.

"Hazel Forrest, where was your dad last night?"

"He was at our house." My dad smiled at me.

"Ok, was he on any drugs?"


"Has he ever stolen anything if so what was it?"

"No, he hasn't stolen anything."

The court room bursted out laughing. Everyone knows he steals things.

"Well, I mean, I know he hasn't stolen anything in the past few months-"

Someone from the crowd said, "He stole a ring and gave it to his wife!"

Someone also said "Ha, you think you're fooling us? He stole some clothes for Hazel!"

I said under my breath, "oh God help me..."

The court room went silent when the judge banged her hand on the table, angrily.

My dad got out of it that day, but he was warned. We left in his old pickup truck.

As I rode in his truck, I pointed out every place he's robbed. I didn't say anything to dad though. I don't think he cares what places he robbed as long as he doesn't get caught.

We went to our old crappy trailer. I went into my messy room and threw myself on the bed.

Some of the updated one:

I brushed out the knots in my long, tangled hair. This was the day. My dad might end up in jail. For a long time.

My dad has been in some awful situations with the judge where he's almost been arrested for like 15 years at a time. He's a good liar and he covers his tracks.

I looked in the mirror. I was, well, Hazel Forrest. A 16 year old that's a daddy's girl. I walked out of the bathroom and nervously opened the truck door.


I nervously gulped as I opened the doors to the courtroom.

I failed. For the first time, I let my dad down. They had enough. They put my dad in handcuffs and took him away from me. He glared at me as the officer opened the door.

You see how the updated one is more detailed?? I wrote this book more than a year ago and it got so many views that I decided to make an updated version!! Love you guys so much you should check out the new one!! <3

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