Chapter 22 Aaron

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Chapter 22

****Abby's POV**** (Back in New York)

I just sat there and watched Claud's family cry together. It was cute, really. A lot like those soap operas my grandma watches, where everybody's crying and confessing everything, very dramatic. I sort of wish my family was this interesting. Nothing ever happens in my life. My parents are great and everything, they're just, well, boring, really. They're both Math professors at the University. They are pretty old, as parents go; both are in their mid-fifties- And my borther's only 10! I was born in Ireland and lived there until I was 8. When we moved to New York, which is where most immigrants come to, my parents decided that they at least wanted one child that grew up in the 'big city', so they had Luke, the annoying, babied, all-powerful, accident-prone, little brother. I was somewhat ignored by my parents throughout the majority of my childhood, so I was pretty much free to do whatever I wanted. I discovered really young that I loved to party. That was the way I vented out my frustrations- not badly, just by singing and dancing and screaming and hightailing it out of there before the cops came...As long as I kept my grades up, my parents didn't question my whereabouts on Saturday nights. I was pretty popular, considering the fact that I wasn't a 'native' to New York, got reasonable grades, and didn't put people down for fun. So I probably made popular girl records, because of those things. But I hate when people are mean, and one day in 9th grade I stood up for this one girl, and ended up being shunned for the rest of high school. Yay! It just gave me more reasons to party, and because that wasn't enough, or very healthy, I took up Martial Arts. There were all of these free classes at the community center, and that's where I met Claud. We were paired up as sparring partners, and a friendship just sparked from there. Things aren't the same back here without her.

I was snapped out of my flashback when I heard Ivy Rose say, "I miss you," to Zayn. Awww!

I was still having a major fan-girl moment. I let out a little squeal just thinking about the fact that I WAS SKYPING WITH ONE DIRECTION, just as Zayn said, "I miss you, too," Double awww!

"Abby...," Claud said.

I looked up innocently, "Yes?" I said.

"No squealing. It hurts my ears...On another note, how's Aa-aaron?" She changed the subject.

OMG, seriously, here I am, talking to the 5 hottest guys on Earth, and she brings up my BOYFRIEND?! Wait, maybe that was a reminder before I fall in love with someone else...That wouldn't be good. Claud's so smart!....I mean, I love Aaron...right? But, Niall can't help it if he's amazing and Irish and hot and funny and wonderful and did I mention hot?....Wait, I thought my favorite One Direction guy was Zayn?! Oh, the problems of a Directioner...

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