chapter 2

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Just then Ray had told Kate i'm happy as well then they both back and then both hanged up their phones. Then Anastasia had just came down for breakfast and asked Ray who he was talking to and then Ray said it was your friend Kate was just seeing if your were coming to your first day of school. Then Anastasia sat down and eat the breakfast that Ray had sat down in front of her then Anastasia started talking to Ray about if Kate wants hang after school can i go to her house after school then Ray said i think about it as we got to get going to get you to school Anastasia go get you book bag so we can get going. As their driving into the school parking lot as Anastasia got out of Ray's suv the boys were staring and making noises at her then Kate notice what was going on and ran over to Anastasia and Ray and hug them both. Then Elliot Grey had pulled up in his car got out and had spotted Anastasia and couldn't stop staring as their walking into the school Elliot had stop Kate near her locker and was asking about the new girl. Couple mintues later Christian Grey got out of his car and was wondering why all the guys were acting weird then one told him theirs new girl in school. Then Christian walked into school and walked into the front office and notice the beautiful burnette with blue eyes sitting in the office. And for some reason he think she's very cute and has have her.

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