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That is right bitches, im back

Also can we pls appreciate the photo over there? makes me wanna cry, cuz it is so cute???

I just can keep staring at it as long as you want me to and i will not get tired.

But anyways-

This was requested by gxyhorror

Their requests it was-

And they told me to not tell that they request dis

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And they told me to not tell that they request dis

Im so sorry


I spent like-

30 mins, to find chapter where ppl had requested stuff.


I like to express myself thru emojis cuz im stUPID

okay lets get into it


Also idk how to start this so im sorry if it is random, it is like-

23:16, and i am litening to bi songs lmao so yeah.

So imma just gonna-

Ok nvm everything is useless k bye

James was laying on bed in his bedroom, waiting for his boyfriend Thomas to come home from work.

As bored as he was, even tho he watched the cat videos, he wanted to be punishment.

That is right, for some reason James was feeling needy and horny all damn day.

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