Chp. 1 : Rin Okumura & Haley's Private Sleepover...

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“No~.” he replied plainly.





“Go back to hell.” She told him.

“No.” he continued.

“Is that all you can say?”

“No.” I swear he’s smiling…..

***Samantha’s POV***

“Should we stop them? They’ve been at this since we entered the city…” I told Daniela as she continued to smirk at the bickering girl and dog. She stopped to glance at me before turning back to the fighting couple.

“You two are fighting like an old married couple.” She said loudly. Haley stopped instantly and turned away while Mephisto perked up and wagged his tail.

“Really~?” he asked. Daniela rolled her eyes as I twitched in amusement. Haley silently seethed in anger as the car finally stopped and we were allowed to leave.

“Freedom~~~~~~!” Haley cried, slamming herself on the grass and kissing the ground.

“Ah~! Fresh air!” Daniela said with a ‘Me Gusta’ face.

“You like it, don’t you Daniela?” I asked happily as I helped Haley back to her feet. Daniela nodded her head, and then gave us a troll face. Suddenly I noticed a bunch of students staring at us with wide eyes.

“Hello~! How is everyone doing this evening?” Mephisto asked loudly as he exited the pink limo, all in his tall as hell glory. The students nodded and continued on with what they were doing before.

“Urgh… Kill meh…” Haley groaned into my shoulder as she shuffled to hide behind me, away from Mephisto and his wicked grin.

“To my office, ladies. There, I will give you your schedules and uniforms.” He said happily as he popped up beside me and pulled Haley’s wrist, dragging her out from behind me.

“Neeeeehhhhhhhhhh~! I dun wanna wear a skirt!!!!” Haley cried as Daniela and I followed behind them calmly, trying to keep straight faced.

“Oh, but you’ll look so adorable~!” the demon shot back as he pulled her to a random door and put unlock it. I quickly remembered that with the keys around here, you could get anywhere.

“Sam! Save meh!!!!” Haley shouted for help as she thrust her arm in my direction. Seeing the petrified look in her eyes, I only waved and pulled out my iPod. “Bxxch~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she cussed at me. I smiled at her and put in my ear-buds, blocking her out until we reached Mephisto’s office, which we did rather quickly.

“We’re here~!” he sang as he opened the door. Daniela danced into the room and started jumping on the couch while I walked over to one of the chairs and sat down, ignoring the cries Haley let out as she was forced to sit on the desk in front of Mephisto. Pervert… >_>…

“Hentai…” Haley sobbed as the demon draped his arm around her waist and smirked evilly.

“So… about the uniforms….” I started, making Mephisto’s attention turn to me.

“We demand a boys uniform.” All of us girls said together.

“I don’t mind having one or two skirts, but I’d prefer pants.” Haley said calmly, trying to remove the demon’s arm, although it was most likely impossible.

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