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You have this incredible way of making my heart happy.

y/n POV

After I got ready I started to walk upstairs to find Sadie.

"Hey Sadie..." I called out as a familiar orange head of hair turned around. She rose an eyebrow at me while smiling. I guess everyone is in a good mood today.

"I kinda just wanted to start over. I mean, we're cast mates we have to get along. How about we all have a day to hang out together?" I awkwardly hesitated while saying this, but I just kept talking.

Sadie gave me a sweet smile and nodded her head. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

"Let me just get ready, while you tell the others!" She told me as I started to walk into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Everyone was in the kitchen. Things started to feel normal. Kinda like we just met... like nothing had happened. It was a good feeling. Wait no. It was an incredible feeling.

All the stress was gone, I couldn't be happier. It just felt like an extremely good day.

My phone randomly started to ring. It was my manager grace. Why was she calling?

"Hi y/n? This is gonna be very late notice but your going to be on Ellen's show today..." she spoke threw the phone while I just screamed.

"WAIT REALLY?" Everyone turned around to me.

"...ouch thanks for ruining my hearing. But her previous guest canceled and she reached out to you guys. Apparently she's a fan of the show." I was shooketh. It was my dream to be on Ellen.

"I can't wait!" I said like a 3 year old.

"...but don't get to excited. You guys are going through a haunted house." She chuckled and told me all the information. Once she ended the call I told Sadie and the rest of the cast everything.

I loved haunted houses. They were so fun and creepy.

I took out my phone and started scrolling through Pinterest and ins—

"Y/n..?" I turned my phone off and my eyes met with a pair of blue eyes. Will.

"Oh, hi yeah?"

He walked over to me and grabbed my hand. He rushed me out of the door, and I followed.

"I'll race ya?" He said while starting to run.

"Wait where to?" I yelled to him. He didn't respond. I groaned out of frustration, I didn't like losing, not even a stupid little race.

I started running to catch up with him, in which I did.

He started to head towards an... arcade? Why were we going to an arcade? I smiled to myself. I adored arcades. They always reminded me of something in the 80s, and I admired that.

Laughing, I ran into the building. I was a bit out of breathe, but not that much.

"I won!!" I chuckled.

Will shook his head, "Never. We tied."

I sighed and smiled. "What ever ya say... um but why are we here?"

"Oh why not? Let's go play a game or something." He said while walking over to some random game.

After an hour or so we decided to go back to the house since we would be leaving for Ellen soon.

It was nice; spending time with him, it was easy. I trusted him.

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