Chapter Two

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Sammy Frost^^^

They drove for three more hours until the girls finally began to wake up.

"Where are we now?" Wren asks and yawns.

"I have no idea. I haven't paid attention to the signs." Sammy shrugs.

"Why are we letting him drive?" Ari asks and grabs a backpack to start searching for snacks.

"He has a license." Duncan says.

"So does Daisy." Ari points out. "We don't have anymore food."

"We'll stop somewhere for breakfast, we have to pay with cash though." Sammy says.

"Do we have cash?" Daisy asks.

Sammy sighs. "Probably not."


They all decided to stop in an abandoned two story grocery store to see if there was any food left over inside.

"Let's split up. Wren, Lauren, and Duncan go upstairs, Daisy and Ari come with me." Sammy says and Duncan lead Wren and Lauren upstairs. He kept instictivly reaching for Wren's hand but she kept pulling away.

"Duncan...Can we talk about something?" Wren says, finally after a few long moments filled with silence. She looked at Lauren who seemed to know what she was talking about and Lauren walked down an empty isle.

"Yeah, of course." Duncan says  and stands in front of Wren.

"After seeing how you reacted to Noah, and how Lauren reacted to Oren, I, um, I was thinking about things, about us. I want to distance myself from you in particular." Wren says awkwardly.

Duncan was silent for a moment. "What do you mean?"

"Lauren and I...We're going to go off on our own. I know what's going to happen to you Duncan. I can't bare to see it." A tear fell from her left eye.

"Nothing is going to happen to me. I can't bare the thought of the girl I love and my sister leaving me." Duncan says and wipes the tear off Wren's cheek.

"You love me?" Wren asks

"I do and I always have. From the day we met in English to today. I-" Duncan gets cut off by the scream coming from his sister...

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