Chapter 71

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Gu Qi Qi had her wish fulfilled. The extremely priced donkey hide gelatin had been refunded. She took the six catty worth donkey hide gelatin, which were bought for thirty thousand, and left the pharmacy.

"The impotent man set my money ablaze, so there's no loss in spending thirty thousand of his money."

"As for the twenty-five million card wipe a moment ago, it had been returned. So that makes us even."

"Right now, the top priority is to hurriedly refine these six catty worth of donkey hide gelatin into fifty year aged ones. Then I will resell them for the money needed for my little brother's treatment......"

While Gu Qi Qi was pondering.

She suddenly heard the little dirty turtle's angry rambling:

"Master, there's someone up to no good!"


"A moment ago when we were passing through the pharmacy VIP room, I overheard the conversation of a man in white suit. He appeared to be the boss for the store. He mentioned something about being cheated by a little alluring woman like you. His effort of lying on behalf of Gu Xue Xue and videotaping you secretly for half the day had been in vain......"

"Lying? Videotaping?"

The eyebrows of Gu Qi Qi twitched as she abruptly turned her head around.

She saw the silhouette of Bai Lang, who was currently beating his chest and stamping his feet!

She recognized this man!

A man dressed in a sparking yet flaunting white suit. Isn't that the same person who dropped by at the medical room and visited Gong Jue in the morning?

Her mind flashed, everything is clear to her now.

That's why she felt that something was amiss, especially when Gu Xue Xue and herself were fighting over the donkey hide gelatin.

How did everything went smoothly at the start? Yet the store manager appeared in midway, claiming that the goods had been reserved. Even stubbornly refuse to sell them to her.

It turned out that this man in white suit was causing mischief from behind!

This person was also a friend of the impotent man!

A dangerous light flashed in the eyes of Gu Qi Qi: "I see, it seem that he may have gotten away lightly with the refund."

"Master, how about I crush him with the small medicine furnace?"

Gu Qi Qi replied in an indifferent tone: "That won't be necessary. He will soon find out the price for scheming against me...... You should focus your effort and energy in refining these five year aged donkey hide gelatin into higher grade quality."


Leaving the national medicine hall.

Gu Qi Qi arrived at another big pharmacy a block away.

Raising her head, she saw an interesting and appealing traditional sign board, with two powerful letters:

Chu Clan!


At the military naval base.

Inside the medical room.

The rash on Gong Jue's body had gradually faded away. He was half leaning on the bedside, reading through the military documents with a solemn yet arrogant expression.

All of a sudden.


A text message had arrived.

He took a quick glance, his eyelashes couldn't help but raised.

Credit card consumption notice?

Thirty thousand?

Did the stupid woman purchase swallow nest at the pharmacy? That can't be right. Previously, she persistently frowned upon the twisted idea of eating blood smeared bird saliva.

As Gong Jue continued to ponder.


Another text message had arrived.

This time, it was twenty-five million!

For christ sake, did the stupid woman purchase half of the pharmacy?

Adjutant, who took a quick glimpse from the side, quickly became alarmed. As fear and trepidation appeared in the face of disaster:

This was the first time that a woman had used the chief's card.

It seem that lady Qi Qi was hardly lenient in her spending.

He couldn't help but tried to explain on behalf of Gu Qi Qi: "It is said that woman body supplement can be a bit expensive. Perhaps lady Qi Qi has a weak body constitution. Given that her family was also treating her harshly, it might be a normal occurrence to spend extra in mending one's body......"

"Are you taking pity on her? Why don't you raise her instead!" Gong Jue coldly scolded.

Adjutant choked up, then promptly closed his mouth.

Wah, he had almost forgotten that the chief gave him a thirty lap punishment run several days ago, simply because of a soldier's misunderstanding of Gu Qi Qi as a sister in law.

Gong Jue tossed the cell phone aside, pretending to not care at all. Then he resumed in reading the documents.

However, the moment when the third "Ding——!" sounded out.

His heart begin to stir restlessly.

Was the stupid woman even aware of how much money she swiped for?

Why didn't she try to swipe for more?

Twenty-five million was still nothing?

Why didn't she add a few extra zero digits? She would end up with a butt load of debt that could never be fully paid in a lifetime.Then she would spend the rest of her life as a pathetic looking woman, who had to follow blindly to his every will and command.

She could open her mouth only if he said so.

And she could open her legs only if he said so!

1. [Beating his chest and stamping his feet (搥胸頓足) is idiom to describe someone who's extremely sorrowful, remorseful, or deep regret.]

2. [TL Note: This escalation in Gong Jue's chain of thoughts might seem really random/weird at first, but if you taken into consideration of his behavior in past chapters, it actually aligned to his personality. I will let the readers interpret it themselves. If all else fails, the explanation that "he's a Mensao/Tsund" worked just as well.]

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