Chapter 70

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Gu Xue Xue was forcefully dragged away by Zhu Fen.

Zhu Fen was genuinely afraid that if the situation continued to develop, a bigger disaster would await for Gu Xue Xue.

Gu Qi Qi's method was both vicious and difficult to deal with.

If she possessed such an expensive credit card, why didn't she overwhelm Xue Xue right from the start?

Yet she opted for more gradual step by step approach, just like a cat hunting down a mice. She toyed with Xue Xue until her face crumpled, then she crushed her with one final kick?

Terrifying, absolutely terrifying!


In the VIP room not far away.

Separated by the glass panel, Bai Lang was watching the drama with moved emotion.

He was very close in giving an applause to Gu Qi Qi!

Her method was truly satisfying!

F***, that can't be right......why should he be delighted by her action?

Bai Lang sorted out his thought: "As I have said, once this kind of spoiled alluring woman took a man's credit card, she absolutely will spend it all on extravagant! Twenty-five million! Did you record everything? Let's send the video to little Jue Jue. Hehe, it has been a worthwhile trip today. I not only successfully exposed the beauty skin off that bewitching woman, but also earned millions in sale profit, hahaha......"

Before he even finished laughing, he lost his voice involuntarily!

His eyes were looking at Gu Qi Qi figure in disbelief. His leg crossed became unsteady, and that he almost fell from the couch.

Oh no, that little alluring woman once again acted beyond his understanding!


When Gu Qi Qi saw that Zhu Fen and Gu Xue Xue had left the pharmacy, she leisurely packed the six aged donkey hide gelatins, which was bought for five thousand a piece.

Afterward, she placed that one catty of donkey hide gelatin, which was bought for twenty-five million from the auction, back on store counter:

"Sorry for the inconvenience, but I would like to refund this."

"......Refund?" The store manager was stunned.

He took a quick glance at Bai Liang in the VIP room, who had a darken expression. The store manager hurriedly shaked his head: "Apologies Miss Xue Xue, refund is not allowed once the medical ingredients left the store......"

"I still haven't left the store." Gu Qi Qi gave him an irrefusable reason, "Also, the quality of this medicine has some issues."

"That can't be right?" The store manager scratched his head.

Gu Qi QI placed a piece of donkey hide gelatin in display: "It seem that your preservation method was flawed. Take a look, this piece had a particularly brittle dark color, and that mold could be seen in the edges. If the growth of mold had started, then there's no use in medicine. Its value is practically zero."

The store manager was sweating in cold sweat.

What Gu Qi Qi had said was correct.

He had no ground to refute her.

By logic, she had the right to demand a refund.

Yet Bai Liang was glaring at him through the VIP room glass panel with a dead fish glance. Threatening and insisting him to not issue the refund!

"Lady Qi Qi, how about I exchange it with another piece......"

"All the donkey hide gelatin had been sold in your store, where else would you exchange it with?"

The store manager had no tears left to weep: "......"

Gu Qi Qi faintly smiled: "There's no need to waste anymore time. It doesn't matter if there's no refund. I can file a complaint to the consumer association. According to 《Consumer Protection Act》fifty-fifth clause, customer is entitled to a compensation three times of the defect product value."

Compensation three times the value?

That's seventy-five million in compensation!

The store manager was sweating in cold sweats.

Unfortunately, Gu Qi Qi held back her smile little by little: "Apologies, I forgot to mention that under 《Criminal Act》one hundred and forty clause. A transaction of defective medicine product that exceeded the value of two hundred thousand, the seller would not only be subjected to compensation fine, but also be confined for up to fifteen year of prison term......"

My goodness!

Prison......prison term as well?

The store manager was scared to the point of wetting his pants.

No matter how intimidating Bai Lang's glance was, he would rather act on his own accord.

The second young master had yet to realized, that this lady was truly difficult to deal with.

If he continued in listening to second young master, the pharmacy would not only face a lawsuit, but also the first young master would definitely skin him alive!

Facing against the first young master's king of hell gloomy look, and in addition to Gu Qi Qi's cold and indifferent face, he finally conceded:

"Okok I get it. I will give you a refund right away!"

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