Lily Tanner was walking home in the rain after her long twelve hour shift at work when a mysterious man in a trench coat approached her. When the cloaked figure came closer and offered her a ride, she was quick to accept it despite the risks.

It didn't matter anymore, Lily had been shunned by her family years ago and lived a life of lust whilst working as a bar maid at the new night club that had recently opened.

As Lily currently sat in the mans hotel room, she ran down the list of things that he could do to her whilst she waited for his return.

Murder, it didn't strike fear into her heart like it should have.

Rape, she was strong and before her father stopped talking to her, he had taught her self defense.


She found herself smiling softly at that thought, she didn't understand what she was, why she enjoyed the pain and pleasure that she got from certain things but she realised that it made her abnormal, a monster, insane- her parents had said so.

Her feet throbbing dully in the kitten heels she wore brought her back to the present with a sigh. She had been waiting too long for the guy to return to the room, it didn't take that long to change out of some wet clothes but then again, what was she waiting for?

Mumbling under her breath, Lily rose from her seat, grabbed her coat before making her way to the door. She had gotten as far as placing her hand on the gold door knob when she sensed someone enter the room.

Turning, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped at the sight of the male before her. The snide remark that had once been on her lips died almost instantly as she stared. Her pulse leaped for all the wrong reasons.

"What the hell?"

"I don't believe you caught my name," he came to stand in the middle of the room whilst she stayed rooted to the spot. "My name is Francis, Francis Hamond."

The name registered in her head whilst she finally composed herself enough to take her eyes off his muscular, tanned chest. "M-My name's Lily, why are you dressed like that?"

Francis' eyes lit up at my question and he gestured to his attire... or more like, lack of. All he wore was a pair of leather pants, which did nothing but cling to him like a second skin and from the looks of it, he wasn't wearing underwear.

"I've been watching you Lily," his green eyes sparkled, "I've noticed the way you are with people, the way you shy away from the human touch, why is that?"

Lily's eyes widened at his comment, it was true but what terrified her was how he knew it. When the petite, curvy blonde said nothing, the male grinned.


"Why does that matter to you?" She straightened her posture, her whole 5'4 frame being noted by him, "I thought you were taking me home?"

"I like that about you," he crept closer, his skin glistening. "You have a fiery spirit." He then smiled, "I'll take you home if you really want to or you can stay and listen whilst I talk, what will it be little one?"

"Well," Her gaze flickered to the large window, rain splattered against the glass and she sighed, "I suppose I could stay for a little while..."

Francis ran a hand through his dark short hair and grinned, "That a'girl, now, ready to listen to my exciting story?"

She found herself nodding slightly whilst her eyes narrowed into slits on their own accord. Who was this guy?

Francis then turned his back to her and gazed out at the city that was alive and sparkling with lights. She took that as her chance to admire the large slabs of muscle and his over all athletic built body whilst he began to speak.

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