Chapter One

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Alex was a light in a sea of darkness the feeling of being overwhelmed ever present. He had this dream just about every night and it never changed but something was different tonight. In the distance there were smaller lights and further still there was a greater light that dwarfed them all. He felt an unexplained need to head toward these lights, a need that said if he didn't these lights would disappear forever.

All the sudden he was alert, in the darkness something even darker was moving toward him and without realizing it Alex drew from the air two short swords. With the darkness coming at him from all directions he stood ready to slay anything in his path......

"ALEXANDER WORTHINGTON GET UP THEY WILL BE HERE SOON," his mother Kairen. She didn't usually yellbut today was important. Today he would transform for the first time and they would initiate it in a ritual. He would become a Demon today. He had to or his life and his mothers would be forfeit.

"I'm coming mom," he yelled back. He got dressed and ran downstairs, by the time he was down there a man was at the kitchen table chatting with his mother and got up when Alex entered the kitchen grasping his hand firmly.

"Good morning Alex it's nice to see you today I don't have to tell you how important today is," the threat in his voice wasn't even thinly concealed but Alex tried not to show that it even registered. He looked out the window where the five men for the ritual stood and the twenty guards in case the worst happened and an Angel was created.

"I can't wait to join the Demon Army ranks," he forced himself to reply. He glanced at his mother who had a tightlipped smile. Okay she heard the sarcasm but he hoped this guy was stupid enough not to recognize it.

"And join you can when you turn 21," the man said with a smile. Alex had said the right thing. " My name is Gabriel I'll be overseeing your transformation today."

Alex's mind reeled. What was the Commander of the Demon Army doing here? What would warrant the one who had personally decieved the Angels to come to his transformation? Then the answer hit him. This was the strongest demon to walk the earth right now..... he was here in case i wasn't a Demon and we fought back......

There was a pentagram in the back yard with symbols in it Alex hardly looked at those but instead looked at the circle that would trap him and keep everything away from him while he was transforming. Gabriel motioned for him to head into the backyard with him. Alex was stripped down and put into the circle. The Demon Lords took their places and began chanting. A blue fire lit the edges of the pentagram sending shivers down his back, and then there was pain. He felt something ripping out of his back and he looked to his right. A white feathered wing was forming.

Things seemed to slow down he looked toward Gabriel who was smiling and shaking his head and the sword he drew seemed to take forever reaching his mothers throat. Alex screamed the other demons were transforming and a greater pain entered his body as his feathers turned black. As a black robe appeared on him he lifted his hands two swords forming in them one red looking like lava and sickly green and black katanas both. Alex screamed using the red sword to cut through the barrier. It was now aflame as he was attacked by four werewolves. He swung the sword again and screamed causing an explosion from the sword knocking them to the ground.

Alex felt himself shift, one second he was still standing in the circle the next he was at a point of the pentagram stabbing a vampire in the stomach with his green sword. Where he stabbed the skin turned black. The vampire was screaming in agonizing pain. The other Demons were summoning spirits and Alex cut a path through them to the circle of Demons. Alex felt power run through him and screamed. The wind started picking up and cuts were appearing on the Demons and then he was running his swords through them.

"Interesting," a voice said and Alex turned to face Gabriel.

"You killed her," Alex yelled. "I will end you!"

"Oh you think you can take me on after you take on a few weaklings," Gabriel laughed and he hesitated. "I find you interesting though so I will offer you a chance. I want to face you when you are stronger I will hold no joy killing you as you are now. I've never seen someone freshly transformed do that. If you take this chance one day we will meet in combat.'

Alex thought for a minute. "What do you offer Demon Overlord?"

He smiled an evil smile and Alex shivered. " All over this city there will be Angels born today I'm the only Demon Lord here. Save these kids and meet me at the edge of the city by days end and I will tell you where you can get more power."

Alex stared at him anger coursing through his body. He knew he couldn't win against a Demon Overlord but every part of his being told him to kill this man. He sheathed his weapons and took off he saw several white lights in the distance and several dark ones. He saw a chance to get out of here he hadn't seen before. He looked back at his house and reached out his hands slowly makin a fist. As he did the house went in on itself crushed and then he was off.


Tomas couldn't figure out what was going on he saw his friend in his mind a moment ago and then in his circle he was growing  white wings and was wearing armor. His dad was cut down in front of him by spearmen. Two vampires were outside the barrier waiting for it to go down and he lifted his hands up. A shield appeared in one hand and a lance in the other. The werewolves were howling and Tomas wondered why there were only lesser Demons here and no Demon Lords.

All the sudden his friend Alex was there fighting the vampires. One turned into bats and started biting him and Alex laughed ignoring them as the other sent sonic waves through the air. Alex cut his head off the waves not even affecting him and the bats died turning a sickly green and turning to ash. He was at his circle.

"Would you like to join me getting out of here my friend," Alex asked as he cut through the barrier. "We don't have much time to get the others and get to the edge of town."

Tomas smiled. "I'll stand by your side my friend."

Tomas jumped at the werewolves shving his lance into the first one and jumping back alex was there blocking his lance side and cutting through them and then he lifted his arm and Tomas could feel the power course through him. Tornadoes formed all around them and Tomas noticed the flying Demons that were around being sucked into them and he stared in awe at his friend.

"We need to go," Alex yelled. "Archers are on the way but we need to fly above the storm. Don't worry it wont hurt us."

Tomas nodded. "Where are we going? I don't think we can make it out of here alone."

"We head toward the other Angels," Alex laughed. "With them we will be strong enough."

Alex grabbed Tomas and then they shifted into the air flying to the next light.


 Valencia was in pain her twin borther Victor was trying to reach out to her. She now had a bow in her hand made of ivory and looking magnificent with white see through wings. Her brother had two smaller axes with no wings to speak of but had something on his arm appear and was wearing holy armor. She had heard Alex's voice a couple minutes ago in her head saying he was on his way but why would he come here. They weren't exactly enemies but they weren't friends either she had always been to afraid to talk to him.

She now had a short sword on her hip and a dagger. Valencia was tired of pain and finally started screaming. The barrier tore apart and the were wolves were writhing on the floor in pain and imps and vampires flew toward her but her brother was there with his axes with a second symbol on his arm. The one on his right arm started glowing and he was on a horse with wings. He shouted and the vampires fell to the ground no longer able to keep floating.

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