Chapter Thirty-Five: She's changed and it's beautiful.

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Chapter Thirty-Five: She's changed and it's beautiful.

Thursday night.

I'M suffocating, Lydia thought as George's nana wrapped her arms tightly around her.

Ever since George was pulled away by his mom and dad after they arrived, Lydia has been talking to everyone. Though Nana Scott was the only one to embrace her so tightly.

"Alright, Nana I think you can let Lydia breathe now." The brunette heard Chris say before the grip loosen and she could finally breathe.

Nana Scott just laughed before walking away and talking to somebody else. "Thanks, Chris, that women's hugs are deathly," Lydia chuckles, trying to regain her breathe.

Chris just grinned at her, he couldn't believe that she'd set this all up behind his best friends back. He couldn't believe the progress that she herself had achieved in the nearly two years of him knowing her.

"Chris?" Her words brought him back to reality, "You're pretty amazing, Lydia."

Grinning at the compliment, Lydia fiddled with her hands," thanks, Chris." Her eyes scanned around the room to find the one person she'd been thinking about. George.

Standing in front of the fireplace, smiling at Angie was George. He looked like he was enjoying it. Hopefully, he is having a good time.

"Go on then, go to him," Chris said, nudging her forward.

George grinned as he saw the girl he'd fallen so deeply in love with, walking towards him. She'd done all this for him and without him knowing. She was a puzzle he was never going to solve.

"How is the birthday boy?" George heard her say and he swore that his heart was broken from beating so fast.

If I propose right now, would she say yes? George shook his head and smiled at her, "He's never been better."

Wrapping his hand around her waist, George pulled her towards him and kiss her head, "Thank you for everything."


Christmas is near and I'm so jolly!


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