How did he know I came out of the Taxi? He wasn't even looking.

I turned to look at him again but he had made his way into the mansion...

No, I must get out of this place!

I turned around to find six guards with stony faces Standing right Infront of me. The hell?

"Do you all have sisters?" I asked them in the most softest voice I could muster.

"Move." The one in the middle growled out...

With a sigh, I walked to the direction the pretty boy had gone through... Soon enough, I found myself in the most beautiful, gallant, huge, perfectly furnished sitting room I've ever seen. I looked up in awe, my eyes met the glass like ceiling, but then something that looked like the shape of a fish passed by, the reflection of beautiful sea animals were all over the cei- wait a minute.

I looked at the floor..



What a-

The floor was- was an aquarium, like all the fudging beautiful fishes were swimming under my feet, it scared me at first, I thought I was inside the sea, but then, I realized that the huge aquarium was built into the ground!!!

No way!

How much will this cost?

"Don't just stand there like a fool!" Pretty boy's voice broke through my thoughts.

I looked up to meet a blank looking pretty boy, watching me with irritation dancing in his eyes. He clicked a remote control stuff and a soft vibration was felt under my feet, a wooden like surface slowly covered the aquatic ocean beneath my feet, making the ground look like a mere wooden floor.

What a beautiful site he just erased!

I looked up at him. "I didn't peg you for a wild life lover."

"Shut up-" he was going to say something but a guard interrupted.

"Sir Emeliano, the lady's luggage just arrived."


I turned to find my luggages behind me.

"Thank you- you can leave." Emeliano, the pretty boy, muttered.

"Listen here... Emeliano. I'm not staying with you! I demand you let me go now or I'll call the cops." I told him.

"You can try. But before you do, I want you to remember that I have your father's wealth at my mercy! So think before you act. And besides, I am the cops. You really don't know what you've gotten yourself into."

"You're an asshole. You're doing all this because I spoke the truth!" I yelled.

With long strides, he walked up to me and held my neck. "No. One. Speaks to me in that manner. No. One." He snarled.

"Well, I'm not no one! I'm Rebecca Lewis! I stand for the truth! And I'm not going to let you hold me here against my will!"

He scoffed and let go of my neck.

"I can see you have a lot of pride in you... But let me tell you something. I'll be the one to quench that pride! I'll use you to pulp!" He gritted out.

My eyes widened. what did he mean by that?

"Greta!" He yelled. Immediately, one of the maid rushed out.

"Yes, sir." She said softly.

"Get a room in one of the barns! She'll be the one to take care of the horses."


"You can't do that!"

"Watch me. Greta take her luggages to her new room and make sure she has a work uniform."

"You're a psychopath! I won't be your slave! I promise I'll make your life a living hell! You're such a rich spoilt brat that thinks he can get whatever he wants! Just you wait, I'll get out of here! And when I do, I'll sue you and watch your stupid ego fade and drain to pulp." I retorted his last word back to him.

His eyes went so dark and his jaw clenched so hard.

"Wait Greta!" He said, and immediately, Greta came back with my luggages. "I've had a change of heart."

I gave a sigh of relief. Thank God.

"Take her luggages to my room. She'll be sleeping there. With me. On the same bed."

My eyes widened even more. "What?!!!"

He gave a satisfied evil smirk.

I stood there and watched him walk away.

Yet again, my mouth never failed to make my life miserable.



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