Through The Doors

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Today's the first day of school and I'm nervous about some things. Like the fact that i have "found" myself this summer. I dont know what it means but im satisfied with myself. All everyone knows it that I'm Jenner King, Jenner, Jenner, Jenner. I know myself as Jenner, a girl who loves girls. This could end my reputation if everyone finds out .. ESPECIALLY If Valerie is the first to find out. We've been trying to ruin each others lives since 2nd grade when Ben Jameson asked me out and i said yes when i knew she liked him. I always liked to see her jealous for some reason. Valerie Bianca Porter .. gosh .. shes so gorgeous. I know she'd never be gay but if she was i would take all my chances. I started catching feelings for her around freshmen year but i never knew what it meant until now. I already know this year is going to be nerve wrecking just by how i feel. Hopefully my plan will work .. 180 days in a school year, 180 plans. Well ... here i go .. though the threshold of LHS again.

I walk through the first door and I see Val at the other exit entering the school! "Jenn Jenn!". she's screaming my name like i haven't seen her once all summer. "check your phone!! i wanna see if we have any classes together" she says. We both look and it turns out we have NO CLASSES TOGETHER!! UGHH i was looking forward to seeing her beautiful face in at least one class! "Well we have lunch together" she says. "maybe we can go to Golden's for lunch and catch up?" I look at her and think for a while "Sure, that'd be nice Val". She zooms off, "Okay Jenner, i'll see you then boo". I look down the hallway and wished that conversation had lasted longer. She smelled really good , like cherries and strawberries. Mmmmm if only I could have a taste ..

Suddenly, All my other friends are crowding around me from the cheerleading squad. Why the fuck did I join the cheerleading squad? I'm not even the most bit peppy, I mean I love the spirit but not this much. Christy, Heather, Yavonne, Antonia, And Gretchen are the main bitches of the squad and I guess in a main bitch too cause I'm captain. "Omg how was your summer Jen?" they all ask in unison. "It was fun, just happy to be back". Antonia says "Christopher Reed is having a party this saturday and you know we have to go. Lark Shark Cheerleaders always go to parties." OHHHHH Chris Reed, football jock and every high school girls crush, i always hang out with Chris, he's a cool dude, never rude but what most people don't know about Chris is he's gay asf. And i honestly know that Val has a huge crush on him. I always got jealous when Chris and I we're walking together and she'd always try to touch him. I hated it so much, the way she looked at him and he had no interest in her at all. She deserves someone who will love her and pay attention to her, WITH INTEREST, and that;s me. "Yeah, of course we're going" we all chanted "LARK SHARKS, LARK SHARKS, LARK SHARKS!!".


Draggg, i have the worst history teacher known to man kind! Mr.Fitch but anyways I forgot to mention Marco, My trouble buddy i should say. We have the same english and history which I'm so very happy to be in with him. He's my bestfriend and I honestly don't know what i'd do without him. We're both mixed and we look alike so everyone thinks were twins haha. We get each other so much which is the best. "I can't believe we're in the same class!" "Me either" he says. "This is gonna be a dope year! I know it!". I reply " I know i can sense the drama, irony and more" " i cant with you!" he says. "but anyways how is your mission with Val going? oh la la" He puckers his lips together teasing me "well ... this is the first day Marco so we have another 179 days to see how this goes!" I can't believe he's asking me about Val so soon, we're only 2 hours into school ! He says he want's to help me get her this year and that's fine but what if his plans or advice slow up my process! My whole mission shouldn't suffer, it's always going to be my way or no way when it come's to this relationship. "Well lets come up with a 180 plan to get your girl!" Sitting stunned "That's a brilliant plan ! , we write a plan each week for everyday and then we use them everyday" Marco replies "well that's the plan girl".

Ring Ring

The bell rings and I'm overly excited because Val & I are going to lunch together .. I mean we go to lunch together every day, every year but this day feels different than those other times .. I want to tell her how I feel soooo bad. But I can't .. I know I can't.
This is where I have to soak everything in.
"Hi Love"

I turn around and it's Val standing behind me in the hallway

"Hey Val"

I mean her calling me all these pet names has to mean something right? This bothers me so much, the fact she calls me all these pet names .. I understand it's what friends do sometimes but she overly does it.

"I'm going to go girl, catch up with you later" Marco says & winks at me.

"Marco No.." Val cuts me off

"Ready to go, I'm starving and we have 40 minutes to catch up"

I need Marco here with me so I don't do anything stupid .. I always have stupid shit come out my mouth when i like someone. For instance this summer when I met Faraija, sexy brown skin girl with beautiful long black hair and honey tips. Thick ashh. And I took her on a date and I ruined it. She told me she thinks it's cute when I said stupid shit to her outta nervousness but that time was really bad. If only I could have another chance with that.

"Okay let's go"

We walk across the street to Golden's. Man I haven't been here since last year .. Same old place, same old people. It's decorated like a 50's style diner.

"Hey Diane" Val says

"Hey Girls, nice to see you again" Diane says looking up.

We sit down at the last booth in the corner
"So Jenner .. How was your summer"

"Fine" I tell her "It was better than I expected it to be actually. How was your summer?"

"Mine was amazing, I went to Bahamas and met the most amazing boy Thomas on the cruise ship "

"Th Th Thomas?"

I say in almost disbelief, she met someone this summer?

"Yeah, he lives 3 towns over in Payne City. I couldn't believe it, he's just perfect"

"Well that's great .. I'm happy you're happy"

Val can't have a boyfriend. This can't be  true. It's already the first day and she's dating someone ?

"How bout you?" She asks me

"Me ? .. It's complicated"

"What do you mean? We have time"

"15 minutes left"

"Well .. I just want to know what's complicated?"

"It's really hard to explain Val"

"Well .. When it becomes un hard tell me"

"Okay Gorgeous"

I can't BELIEVE I just said that to her .. Gosh the stupid shit that comes out my mouth.

"What Jenner?"

I had to come up with something fast
"I said Jupiter orbits"

She looked at me shocked, like Jupiter doesn't orbit

"Anyways, I can't wait for Chris Brown's album to come out in a couple weeks" I say trying to change the subject.

"Oh yeah, me either .. Double deluxe I heard"

"Yeah? That'd be great if it is, I love me some Breezy"

"5 minutes girls" Diane tells us.

"We better get back" I said

"Yeah we should" she says.

She wraps up her chicken salad and puts it in her bag. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought it would be ..
1st: she's straight
2nd: she has a boyfriend
3rd: I don't think she'd ever be interests in me more than a friend.
I hold the door open for her as we go back into the building. Marco's near the entrance.

"See you later Jenner" Val says to me

"Bye" I wave back

"So how'd it go?" Marco asks

"Worse than you think Marco, we need a bigger plan than we think"

"Say no more son" he says

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