Chapter 4

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Today is the day Zion comes out the hospital so I got her carrier and her baby bag with her essentials and some clothes for her so I made sure I had everything I'm so happy and excited 😊 that she will finally be out the hospital.

My boss gave me a few weeks off and I'm so happy I gonna spend it with Zion my dad is throwing a little something to welcome Zion home as their grand daughter you would think she is my child because she has a resemblance I'm going to find out about her mom .

I had already bathe I just needed to get dress to go the baby outfit was already picked out I just needed to get dress.

I got dressed and got Zion stuff and went downstairs straight out the door with my keys my essentials were in the baby bag as well

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I got dressed and got Zion stuff and went downstairs straight out the door with my keys my essentials were in the baby bag as well.

I drove off towards the hospital once I arrived I parked in the employee parking lot and grabbed her baby bag and carrier and went inside straight up the pediatric ward.

" Good morning Zion is up the doctors already gave her a check up she is good to go and Devan left with Denver hey was happy 😊 so you can get Zion and just sign her discharge papers " said one of my colleagues

I signed the papers then I got her from the nursery and dressed her then I placed her in her carrier and walked out feeling happy that my baby girl coming home.

I walked out the hospital feeling wonderful that my daughter yes my daughter is out and she healthy plus I'm going to my parents house my siblings gonna be there they are having a welcome and baby shower for me and Zion.

Mommy🌹🌷: baby are you on the way

Me: yes mommy we are on our way just pulling off from the hospital see you there

I went to my mom's house and when I arrived everyone was there including my grandmother on my mom's side.

Me: Hey everyone I want you to meet the new addition of the family Zion Arianna Styles

Mom: she is so beautiful baby I'm proud of you

Me: thanks mom

Ryan Jr.: hey sis my niece is so pretty uncle will be her protector

Me: thanks bro she will love you

Dad: look at my baby and grand baby

Me: hi dad yes she is here

So the baby shower got started my mom placed a sash on me that said new mommy and my family got Zion many clothes,toys, pampers and wipes I was so thankful for the stuff they got her and me .

I had more stuff at home for her and I had everything I needed thanks to my mom and dad cause my dad handed me a gift box and when I opened it I couldn't believe what it was it was a set of car keys.

Me: thank you daddy you're the best dad

Dad: your welcome sweetheart and I know I am the best dad

Y'all I'm spoiled but my parents raised me and my siblings right  yeah they spoiled us but we were disciplined when doing wrong and I know people say it's child abuse but it isn't .

I had a great time everyone held Zion and she loved the attention she got she only cried when I had to feed her and change her diaper.

My brother placed all the gifts in my new car dad said that my younger brother can have my old car so I placed Zion's carrier in the new car .


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