{.}Chapter 3:The king{.}

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(I made pixel version of the reader and this is my first time using pixel art version so yeah)


You picked up Jevil scythe and put it on behind your back,you have to admit it was kind of heavy but that's because  you never used a weapon before.

You followed the Lighteners to help them find the Dark Fountain until suddenly a light formed in the middle and guess who it is.


The egotistical fool known as Rouxl Kaard,you never liked him not in the slightest,well you don't hate him you do kind of like him as friend.

''Thou may have CHEATETHED through mine PUZZLES,but...In COMBAT,thou shalt be scattered about!''You crossed your arms and was waiting for him to be done because you were getting kind of bored.

''Come,Knaves...!Prepareth for the battle with...!''As he said that sentence a light formed again similar to Rouxl then the creature that you guys are preparing for the battle is with a red looking coin with face,crown and long legs.

''Whatever is this!''Said Rouxl,you were quite disappointed because its just a coin with legs.''Seriously Rouxl you planned this puzzle and you don't know this creature name?''You said as Rouxl finally noticed you.

''(Y/N) I thought you were in the cell?''You responded his question,''I made my way wormy.''You nicknamed him that and he didn't like it at all because that made him feel embarrassed you just smirked at him.

 ''Huh..?!Its the enemy from earlier...!But its CROWN looks different!''Ralsei was shocked as Susie said the crown looks the same and it does actually,maybe Ralsei was wearing the wrong glasses.

''Yes!With my control crowne...I mayst control ANY disc-shaped lifeforme!''As Rouxl said that sentence the creature stomped and it was heavy stomped which caused you lose balance and so was the others.

''Oh no!!!It looks like its in pain!!''Exclaimed Ralsei as Rouxl felt the pride coming to him.

''Yes...The control crown is painful...But, Im certain this creature will feeleth relief...When it sees how much more pain THOU'LL be in!!!''You feel sorry the creature surely the creature doesn't want to do this until the battle had began.

''Susie?You want to act?Aww,whats your idea?''Ralsei questioned,then Susie began to answer his question.''Umm...Well...How do I say this.I kind of...Need you for this one.''

''That's fine,Susie!I'll help!''Ralsei was grateful to help as he continue his sentence,''You want to apologize to it for earlier,right?''Ralsei didn't get what Susie means while Susie began to say again.

''Nah,I just need you to stay still.''You didn't like what Susie ment to Ralsei as she picked Ralsei up she began to yell at both of you.''Kris!(Y/N)!We gotta get that CROWN of its head!''

''Help me throw Ralsei at it!''You suddenly began to worry about that idea so you replied to Susie.''Susie but if you throw Ralsei,would Ralsei get hurt because I think this is not a good idea!''

It was too late she thrown Ralsei at the creature its crown gone of its head and the creature became normal self,you ran to Ralsei and checked on him if he is okay.''Oh my gosh!Ralsei are you okay?Kid!''You began to shake his shoulders as Ralsei began to speak.

''Im okay (Y/N)!Just please stop shaking me!''You stopped shaking him and Ralsei was feeling bit dizzy.

''Im sorry Ralsei I just got worried about you whether you are hurt.''Ralsei just smiled at you and said,''Im fine (Y/N) beside I appreciate about your caring actions toward me,Kris and Susie.''

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