Dear Wendy,

                       I can't help but feel as though there's something between us. These feelings that you have for me, I feel them for you. It's something indescribable. Maybe it's just a crush; maybe we're both finding new feelings that we've never really experienced properly before. Either way, the feelings that I have for you are strong. I don't know as of yet whether I love you, or whether I simply like you and I feel as though there's no way of knowing until we talk about this in person.

        I know this letter is short compared to all of the others that I've sent you. I just feel as though I'm staring at this piece of paper wondering how to tell you what I want to say. I just want to meet you again so we can talk about this properly. So how about it? I know we see each other at work, but we rarely get a chance to just stop and talk to each other about things. Can we talk? The day you get this letter will probably be my day off. How about on Thursday we talk after our shifts?

        I'll talk then,
                your best friend who can't find the words to say, Luke x

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