My Beloved Forgive Me, Won't you... ? 1.4

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A few seconds later, I heard the old man's heavy and reluctant steps get farther and farther away. Just after that, the maid knocked onto my door asking for permission to come in.

"Miss, your breakfast is here." The maid earlier informed.

Ah, that's right. I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

"Come in." I acknowledged her permission. Just then, she came in with a tray of food that seems to be my breakfast. Just from this distance, I almost drooled at the sight of these delicious food. I could feel my stomach grumbling just from it!

Ah, It feels nice to be rich, doesn't it?

The tray of food came closer and close to my sight.

"Miss, enjoy your meal." The maid smiled at my hungry look for the food. I hastily gobbled it down, I haven't tasted food this good. Usually, these kinds of food were expensive and can either only be found at expensive restaurants. An average worker like me who earns just an adequate amount to support herself obviously can't afford delicious foods and delicacies like this!

If I was in my past life, I'd have to sell my kidney just to taste one of these!

If I can. Of course, I would-

I wiped my mouth with the napkin. Suddenly, the maid laughed with interest and amusement.

She looked at me and said "I see miss became really hungry after her coma." with a wide, gentle smile that reached to her eyes and ears.

I stared at her with puzzlement, "The doctor said last night that I fell off the stairs, and you said I got into a coma. I wonder, what happened?" I furrowed my eyebrows with confusion and asked her.

Her eyes widen the second I gave her my question. She averted her gaze from mine and silently bit her lips. Just before, her eyes were full of amusement but now, they are filled of poignancy and pity.

"Um, did something happened?" I asked once more. I can understand that something did happen but I needed to know what.

A few minutes have already passed, and she was still ignoring my question.

"Sigh, It's alright if you don't tell me. I'll probably recover my memories soon enough." I finally broke the silence and said to her, displaying disappointment of not retrieving information.

"Miss, I'm sorry. I- I'll be taking my leave." She then took the plate of food on the tray and quickly left. She ran in hurried steps as if to escape something.

I guess I need to ask other maids. From those novels I read in my past life, the maids should know more about these things. If not, then maybe I need to ask the mother. But if I ask all the maids around, then maybe the old man will be suspicious. Judging from the maid's actions earlier, it seems like she was trying to stop the old man know of my situation. Sigh, I don't know what to do anymore...

Suddenly a thought crossed my mind. Maybe I should go ask an old loyal servant?
In every novels with modern genres that I read, there's always an old loyal servant.

But there are some in novels that are hostile to the female lead. Ah! Almost forgot. The system said that I'm in the middle, so they probably respect me but do not have a high favorable impression of me.

After thinking it over, I decided to stand up. I carried myself with both arms to get off the bed. Just when I jumped and my feet touched the floor, I quickly lost balance and fell.

Ah! Not again! Why did I forget that I had bandages all over my body?

I tried calling for somebody, but from how my position is, I could only groan and wait for someone to come for my rescue. I slowly felt my eyelids feel heavy and shut my eyes. Soon, I felt my conciousness drift away from me.

I felt someone grip my hand tightly. I drowsily opened my eyes and saw the blurry faces of the people surrounding me. After a while, I saw clearly on who they are. All with worried looks on their faces. I can only recognize one though, the mother figure from before. I tried to sit up but then I felt extreme pain aching throughout my whole body.

"N- No need to hurry. Just lie down and rest." An old man quickly reassured , I obediently complied. I looked at the people around me and observed them. They included the old lady from before. The one who carried herself with elegance, the one who can be said to be elegant and respected since young. The old woman, the woman who clearly has signs of aging judging from the strands of white hair showing more and more with wrinkles on her face. She looked at me with worry and pity, her furrowed eyebrows, slouched back, and red eyes are evidences of that fact.

The next who was the closest to me was the old man, seemingly the father figure. Like the old woman, he also has signs of hair growing in his head, his face covered with wrinkles. Like everyone else, he also has his eyebrows furrowed with worriness and uneasiness. He also seems to be a respected man since young.

Last but not the least, I turned my eyes to glance at the young girl next to the motherly figure. She also had her eyes furrowed with uneasiness while biting her lips as if it was about to bleed. She could be described as a fairy, with a beauty that surpassed many, just with this worried expression of hers, it would be enough to topple the whole world and seduce many people who witness it.

Unlike this host who has a mischievous but witty behavior, she has a gentle and energetic demeanor. But her energetic personality can be barely noticeable as she doesn't have a hint of feeling happiness or joy upon seeing my situation.

"W- Who are you...?" I asked the old man who was the one nearest to me. He and the young lady widen their eyes in shock while the old woman furrowed her eyebrows even more and her bloodshot eyes reddened even more while having signs of small, glistening tears on the corners of her eyes.

Their worry has gotten even worse judging from how their eyes shook.

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