Skipping Patrol

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Jumping beside Ladybug, Chat Noir peered over and smiled at her. "Hey Prrrrrincesss."

"Hello there, Kitty." She laughed softly, turning to face him.

"I heard on the grape vine that you're now dating Adrien Agreste."

"Oh, did you? Well, you were told right. Adrien And I made it official on that date."

"Yea Adrien told me." He laughed softly, lying of course. "He say's that he wore a blindfold! What an idiot.." Chat Noir laughed softly.

"But I'm happy that you two are together. You have someone special now. Look after them." He told her firmly, hands on his hips.

"I might have to go out on the dating scene now. I know there are plenty of girls out for the Noir."

"You don't have to tell me to take care of him. I already know I'm the luckiest bug in the whole world!" She had to suppress the squeal that almost left her lips. Luckily, it was replaced with a groan before it had a chance to escape. Her hand rose to cover her face in protest.

"Listen, Kitty, Anyone that can handle your puns and still wants to date you afterwards has got to be insane. Even so, there's gotta be someone out there. Do you like anyone? Well, besides me."

Shrugging slowly, Noir kept his gaze out. "There is this one girl I know, she's nice. is nice to me when I speak to her. I might go around her house tonight." He thought out loud, turning back to look at Ladybug.

"It's quiet tonight, I don't think Hawkmoth is coming out tonight, fancy skipping a night's patrol?" He asked, perhaps he'd nip around that girl's house tonight. It wasn't too late.

"I'm sure she's great. After all, you do have good taste." Her eyes left him and looked upon the rest of the city. It was quiet and calm. Normally she wouldn't skip patrol but, she wanted to see Chat Noir happy. She wasn't about to ruin any chance he had with this girl.

"All right, fine. We can skip for tonight but just this once."

"Alright, see you around Ladybug." And instead of his usual bow, or even calling her 'My Lady' he just ran off the roof and jumped into the night.

Marinette had returned to civilian form and headed home. "Chat Noir's acting a little more distant toward Ladybug," she said as Tikki sat on her shoulder.

"Well, Ladybug is with someone else. He's just trying to be respectful." the Kwami added.

" . But I wonder who this other girl is. She's so important that we skipped patrol just so he could see her." She did a double take. Her voice seemed a little angry for some reason.

"Please tell me you're not jealous, Marinette. You can't expect him to chase you forever."

A light sigh was her response. "I know. You're right."

As she walked through the front door, she noticed that her parents had already closed up shop for the night. It was for the better. She wasn't in the mood for socialising.

Hanging upside down in her loft bedroom, Chat Noir hung from the rafters by his belt tail, swinging back and forward.

"Hey Marinette." He whispered. "Is it okay I came in and waited for you?" He asked softly.

"WAH! C-Chat Noir!? W-Whaaat are you doing here?" She sounded nervous and rightfully so. He'd said he was going to go see a girl he thought about dating."

"U-Uh sure it's okay but, why?" She internally pleaded for it not to be what it looked like it was.

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