The meeting

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Two years ago Can learned about the whole truth . His dream, his passion, his camera, it could all have gone and the person responsible for the incident was known . He learned that it was Sanem, she told him herself . It was an unbearable truth, he did not had the courage to forgive and just continue his life as nothing ever happened . It was such a great shock for him that the same night without learning the reason behind all this, without telling , listening or  informing anyone he left the city . Sanem waited for him for days and months but he did not come back .

Finally after suffering for 1 year , when she was totally hopeless she decided to restart her life . She had not gone to work since that day . Now she had applied at various places as a writer . Soon she wrote many advertisements and short films . 6 months after her carrier as a writer she was offered a chance as a writer in a huge film . It was a great achievement for her that she was offered such a great film within a year . She spent half a year writing this film. She penned down all the great ideas she had along with the help of her parents , Leyla, Ayhan, Osman, and Cey Cey .

It was the first day of shoot . All the actors , cameramen , director and the crew was present there . She wanted to witness herself the filming of her first film so she was always present at the set . Now 10 days had passed since the shooting started . The director told her that today the head of filming team will be coming from abroad to meet the whole crew . The scene ended and she saw a crowd gathering at the entrance. She was told that the head of filming team had arrived . She got up to welcome the great man for such an amazing team with great skills . The director guided the man towards Sanem . The man turned to see her . Sanem was left shocked , she froze there like a statue , her eyes wide open all she could she could hear was faint voices and her heart beating fast. The tough man across her , he was also shocked but on contrary he was softened after looking at the pure, naive and beautiful face of Sanem , he was Can . The director approached Sanem and introduced both of them , " Can bey she is our writer , Sanem , and Sanem hanım he is the head of our camera team , Can bey." Can with shock along with certain happiness stretched his hands towards her, " Sanem?"

To be continued ...

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