I sucked at consoling people, but I could try. "Hey, Mag, I don't see you any different. You may be half demon, but that doesn't make you an abomination." I assured him and gave him a hug, before standing up. "Come on, Bane. I know what'll cheer you up. Transporting Valentine to hell."

"I thought Alicante was beautiful."

"Eh, it has it's moments."

• • •

"Valentine Morgenstern, by order of the Clave, you are hereby remanded to the Gard in Idris." Inquisitor Herondale spoke.

"I may be in a cell, but at least I'll be in Alicante where the air doesn't reek of Downworlders." Valentine said, taking a jab at Magnus. Famous last words, huh?

Imogen tilted her head as she spoke, "get him out of here."

Magnus opened up a portal and I pulled out my blade and stood behind Jace and Izzy. And they stepped forward and was sucked in and I followed and felt the familiar sensation of my stomach dropping.

Muttering about how I hated portalling, I managed to land on my two feet (my first time-when I was around eight- wasn't so lucky, I landed on all fours) and looked up, seeing Consul Malachi Dieudonne with about a dozen of guards.

Looking back, I watched as the last of our security detail got through and I felt my heart drop.

No sign of Valentine. No sign of Duncan.

"Where's the prisoner?" Malachi asked.

Izzy's face was striken with panic. "I don't know, Consul Dieudonne."

"What happened to Duncan?" Jace asked.

"Where the Angel is Valentine?" The Consul asked again, his voice booming.

• • •

"Any word from Magnus or Luke?" Jace asked.

"No, with Valentine free, the Downworld Cabinet has been holding secluded meetings at the Seelie Court." Alec replied.

Jace sighed. "Well, that's not good. You think anything good happens in the Seelie court?"

"The Clave isn't gonna let this go unpunished." Alec siad. "The Inquisitor's sent an envoy to assess the situation. Chances are they'll be the ones replacing me as Head of the Institute."

Izzy looked determined as she spoke, "not if we can recapture Valentine. Sebastian and all available personnel are searching."

I nodded. "We already know Duncan managed to hijack the portal. If he was Luke's accomplice, he could have been orchestrating the secret transfer all along."

"Listen I appreciate the effort, but Valentine escaped on my watch." Alec spoke. "I deserve to take the heat for it."

I raised an eyebrow. "Alec, you don't have to take the blame for everything."

"This isn't your fault, it's mine." Izzy argued. "I was the one in charge of the transfer team."

"Hey, the three of us were." Jace said and I sighed in agreement. He turned to Alec in assurance. "Look Alec, you are a good leader. You can't just let Imogen fire you over something you didn't do."

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