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^ because I was in the mood for some Barry and Kara lol. Sjjsjsjs I loved that episode.


The two cups of coffee brought me warmth as I headed for the office. "Have you decided what you're going to report to the Clave?" I asked, making my presence known to the eldest Lightwood. I set his cup of coffee in front of him.

He chuckled half-heartedly. "Thank you for this. Mundane or not, coffee really settles your nerves a bit." He then sighed. "I'm torn," he said in response to my question. "If I don't tell the Clave about Luke's attempt on Valentine's life, I'm in violation."

"But if they find out, you could be de-runed." I finished. All shadowhunters had an issue with de-runing, but I knew Alec was more bothered than usual because of what his sister had gone through. I set a hand on his shoulder and patted it gently. "Decide what's best for both parties."

• • •

"I've requested that we move Valentine to the Gard in Idris." Alec said. "The Clave has approved the transfer."

"You told them about the assassination attempt?" I asked.

Alec sighed. "No. I explained to them that moving Valentine out of the city is the best way to restore relations with the Downworld. I left Luke out of it." He added.

"It is the right decision." Jace agreed.

"But we have not given up on finding who orchestrated the hit on Valentine." Alec assured us.

It was Sebastian who spoke next. "I actually have a few leads on that. I'll get a report in by end of day."

"Great." Alec commented. "Izzy, you'll be leading the transfer mission. Jace and Amelia, you two will assist."

"We need to remove Valentine's Circle Rune." Izzy said. "The new wards in Idris won't let him pass with it on." She turned to the youngest Herondale. "Jace, do you want the honors?"

"Thought you'd never ask." Jace smirked.

• • •

I stood guard outside of Valentine's cell as Jace and Izzy removed his circle rune. After a few minutes, they came out. "It's done," Jace informed me.

"Valentine's Circle rune has been removed and I've assembled my team." Izzy notified her brother.

"Good." Alec stated. "I'll feel a lot better when he's out of the Institute."

"Have you secured Magnus for the transfer?" Izzy asked him.

Alec hesitated. "I think we should consider using a different warlock. Catarina Loss lives in-"

"We're talking about portalling the Clave's Most Wanted into Idris." Izzy argued. "There's not many warlocks with that clearance. Besides, I want the best, and that's Magnus." She added.

I shook my head. "We can use a different warlock. Magnus, he...I don't think he's already recovered from that...Agony rune."

Izzy sighed. "I don't want to disturb Magnus again, but I'm just concerned."

• • •

I had just gotten off of the phone with Magnus, and despite the forced enthusiasm he gave me, I still knew something was wrong. When he swings by later, I'll talk to him.

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