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donghun walked into junhee's house and went straight to jeongin's room. he opened the door and saw him playing 'doki doki literature club' on his computer "innie" jeongin looked up and smiled when he saw donghun "hi!!" "you're brothers drunk so please keep your door shut and lock it while i go talk to him" he looked confused but eventually nodded "okay!"

donghun sighed and left to go to junhee's room. he knocked but there was no answer. he knocked again and there was still no answer. he put his ear up to the door and heard crying. "junhee please open the door" "no" "you need to cooperate with me so come open the door" after a few seconds he saw the doorknob moving and soon revealed a drunken junhee. his eyes were red and he wasnt able to stand up straight which is why it took a while for the door to open.

donghun put his arm around junhee's shoulder and guided him to sit on the bed while he sat in front of him. "why are you crying?" junhee didnt say anything as he was staring down. donghun put his hand on junhee's cheek which made him look up and stare into his eyes "please tell me" he knows he's drunk, he just needs to know why hes upset "while i was drinking i realized how much i like this person but he would never like me back" donghun had tears in his eyes "can i ask who you like" junhee's eyes widened and began to protest "you know im drunk and i'll just say whatever but i-im scared" junhee could obviously see the sadness in donghuns eyes

"but his name starts with dong and ends with hun" donghun's face turned from 'sad' to 'is this fucking real' "i'm sorry i know you dont feel the same"

donghun left junhee's house after telling jeongin to stay in his room since junhee is still drunk and donghun bought him all kinda of snacks and drinks that will last until tomorrow morning


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