Chapter 22

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"I want you to rebrand me, tonight."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm positive."

He sighed, the next thing I know he is in his demon form and we are in the abandoned house we were in when we first had sex in demon form. Except it was no longer broken, from that night.

"Transform for me."

I did, and I stood there, waiting, holding my towel tightly.

"I need to finish in both areas for it to work, okay?"

I nodded, and dropped my towel. He gulped, staring me down. He walked up to me, and kissed me. He was treating me like a porcelain doll, like I could break at any moment. It was very out of character for him. He asked for entrance and I gave it to him. He explored my mouth once again, then slowly moved his head to my neck, he sucked gently, eventually a mark formed. Then he moved down even more, but I stopped him. There is something I absolutely need to do. I pushed him on to the bed and straddled him. I buried my face in his neck, where Claira's hickey lay. I blew a small sheet of ice onto his neck, not understanding how though. Then when it broke, the hickey was gone, and I made my own in it's place. He groaned his head rolling back, giving me more room to work my magic. I trailed kisses down to his chest and abs, slowly reaching his pants. I unbuckled his pants and slid them off, along with his boxers. His hard on sprung free, and I kissed the tip. He growled then rolled us so I was under him. He kissed down my body leaving hickies everywhere. Then he happily stuck his tongue inside my wet hole. My head was thrown back as a moan escaped my lips.


He growled, only going faster. My hands gripped the sheets, moaning loudly.

"Kid please~ I want you~"

He removed himself from me.

"Get on your hands and knees."

I did as he asked. He set his hand on my ass cheek, the next thing I know a tattoo forms. It was a skull and crossbones but it reminded me too much of Kid, I guess that's his brand.

 It was a skull and crossbones but it reminded me too much of Kid, I guess that's his brand

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Slowly he entered me, it felt amazing. I loved every part of it.

"Ha~ m-more~"

He groaned thrusting into me fast and hard. The bed was rocking back and forth. The sound of skin slapping filling my ears. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit with every thrust. Drool pooled down my mouth, loud moans filling the air.

"Kid~ it's feels so good~ ah~"

"(Y,n)~ ah~"

He pulled my arms behind me going deeper.

"Oh yes~ right there~"

I was seeing stars it was so amazing. He kept hitting the same spot over and over again, driving me insane.

"(Y,n)~ I'm gonna cum~"

"Please Kid~ cum for me~ fill me with your cum~"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes please~"

He groaned going faster I was so close, so very close. Then it came, we both reached our high together. Kid pulled out, but we weren't done, not yet. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"I love you."

Then he pushed it all in my ass. My scream rippled through the air. I felt like I was being torn to shreds. It hurt so bad.

"Ah~ so tight~ it hurts~ hah~"

Tears flowed down my face, I couldn't stop them. I looked at the ring that lay on my finger. I smiled through my tears, knowing this was worth it. Kid stayed completely still, waiting for me to tell him to go. And after a very very long while, I finally gave him the ok. He started to move. The pleasure flooded over me like a ton of bricks. My back arched, my head was thrown, a loud moan shuddering from my throat. I sat up, my hand reaching back to pull Kids hair, while he fucked me senseless.

"Mine~ all mine~ your only mine~ Kid~"

"I'm yours~ (Y,n)~"


He pounded into me harder. Reaching his hand around to play with my clit. His other hand pinched my nipple. I turned to kiss him, it was sloppy but I didn't care. His head went down to my neck leaving more hickies. Everything felt so amazing, I couldn't tell what was what anymore. He stuck two fingers inside my pussy, still playing with my clit.

"Oh Kid~ it's too much~ I'm gonna cum~ Kid~"

"Let's cum together~"

I moaned at the sound of his voice. My walls tightened around his fingers as I came, he came as well filling me completely.

"Your mine now, completely mine." He breathed.

Then I didn't even realize what was happening as he flipped me over and thrust back into my pussy. My head was thrown back again as he lifted my legs above his shoulders going as deep as possible. My eyes reached my brain, my tongue was no longer in my mouth, saliva was everywhere, as well as our cum filling the bed. My arm laid on my tummy feeling him thrust inside me and hit my arm. I could no longer speak, but the expression on my face told Kid I was enjoying every bit of this.

"F-fuck~ (Y,n~ I'm gonna cum again~"

All I could do was moan as he thrust into me one last time spilling his seed completely inside me. I was so tired I didn't wait till we got home to take a shower and sleep. I just passed out in Kid's arms, utterly worn out.

But something felt different. It was a good different, like something life changing is going to happen. All I know is whatever it is, Kid and I will face it head on with happy smiles, love, care, and joy.

Because I will always love him....

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