Pastel And Punk- The Pack Ships Part 4

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This is about how the group all met (they were 18 and in grade 12 in the past few parts).

Preston's P.O.V.

Rob's hand squeezed mine a little, smiling when he saw that I was looking at him. We were both nervous, it was the first day of 11th grade in our new school because both of us had moved at the same time because our dads both worked for the same company and had moved cities.

"You okay Pressy?"

"Yeah." I hummed, resting my head on shoulder. "I'm nervous, I don't know if they're gonna like us."

"We'll be fine, as long as we stick together." I sighed, thinking of our last school.

They hadn't accepted Rob and I when we got together, half way through 9th grade or a year and a half ago, and we had suffered from terrible bullying for that time. I was relieved when we were told that we were moving schools, but I didn't know if it would better or worse.

I had known Rob for years and years, I think our parents met through our kindergarten when we were two or three years old and because we went to the same schools, we stayed close friends. From there we developed our own personal styles, Rob choosing black and myself choosing more pastel shades.

My parents didn't mind my style or the fact that I was gay, they loved Rob in fact but I couldn't have everything. They were both on minimum wage and worked full time plus overtime almost every night so I took care of all three of my younger siblings almost all of the time.

Rob was my release from that. He let me be a kid again when I needed it the most and allowed me to relax, destressing for a little while before I had to return home. He gave me something no one else could, and he stayed by my side through everything.

"Let's go boys!!" Rob's mum called from down the stairs, and Rob pulled me to my feet.


"Yeah. I'm ready."


Pulling into the school was one of the scariest moments of my life. I hesitated when getting out of the car, but Rob's kind smile and a reassuring nod from his mum made me leave the vehicle, Rob taking my hand at once.

We were just heading to the front office to get our timetables when I stopped, Rob jolting when he realised.

"What?" I blinked.

I was looking a little way across the field, startled. There, in plain view, surrounded by people who were all laughing and talking happily together and acting very friendly, were two boys.

One, a tall blonde boy, was wearing thigh hair black stockings, short shorts and what looked like a black leather jacket but it wasn't actually leather. The other, shorter and more darker skinned one, was wearing a short white skirt, a white top and pink cardigan, as well as white adidas sneakers. Both looked completely comfortable and relaxed, laughing happily.

I knew I stood out, wearing a bright green flower sweater and black skirt, and it didn't take long before the taller boy spotted me, nudging his friend and coming over to us. I tucked myself into Rob's side, his arm snaking around my waist.

"Hey!" One called, in a friendly sounding voice. "Are you the new students?"

Rob nodded, standing a little bit in front of me protectively.

"Yeah. I'm Rob and this is Preston." The shorter one, the one in the more pastel-esk clothing, looked at me, grinning.

"I think you guys'll fit right in, wait until you meet Mitch and Jerome." I looked him, a little confused.

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