Chapter 22: The Decent

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He was even stronger than before, the muscles in his arms and chest bigger and I guessed it was a result of his line of work. There were new scars in his skin that I was unfamiliar with, and it reminded me of just how long it had been. I saw the scars of bullet holes in his chest and I knew immediately that they were from Ecco. I pressed a kiss to each one, thankful that he was alive despite her attempt on his life. The chemicals on our bodies had dried by this point but I could still taste them on his skin. Jeremiah allowed me to be tender with him for a moment before he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled. It wasn't too hard, but it was enough to shoot electricity down my spine. "I'm going to show you how much I've missed you." He whispered huskily into my ear before he shoved me onto the bed. He hopped in right after me and I laughed as he eagerly put his head between my thighs. He didn't appreciate my humor however as he immediately began fucking me with my tung. If it wasn't for his arms around his hips, my back would have broken from the abruptness of my movements in response. I hadn't been touched in five years, as I found it too disrespectful to my supposed late husband to masturbate. And damn, did I need this. I dug my nails into his scalp, my eyes rolling in the back of my head at his ministrations. I felt myself quickly building to a blinding climax when he suddenly stopped. He pulled away, his eyes on mine and a sinister smile spread across his face. He didn't take long before he crawled up my body and found my lips. "Taste yourself on my lips." He ordered and I obliged, pressing my mouth to his in a heated exchange. I felt dirty. I felt amazing. I pulled his body closer to my own, my nails scratching down his back in order to reclaim him. I had continued to take birth control after I thought he had died because it helped with various other symptoms of womanhood, and I was very thankful for that now. I remembered the last time we had done this, and the feeling of his skin and mine without any barriers was one of the most intimate times we had made love. I could feel his hard member pressing up against my center and my body quivered in response, completely gone with desire. "Easy baby, we haven't even started yet." Jeremiah scolded me softly and I bit my lip to keep myself from crying out. Staring into my eyes, he aligned himself with my center and easily pushed in. I covered my mouth with my hand in an attempt to muffle my moan but Jeremiah grabbed my hand and slammed it into the mattress. "Don't you dare try and cover up those beautiful sounds you make." He hissed, his hips pulling back and then thrusting deep into me. "Ah!" I cried out, my body completely sensitive. All of my senses were heightened by the chemicals and I could feel him on a completely new level. I attempted to move my arms to wrap them around him but he kept them pinned on either side of my head. The struggle of resisting his hold on me just served to heighten my pleasure and I could tell that he liked holding me down. There was a dangerous desire in his eyes and I found myself welcoming it. As his hips continued to snap roughly into mine, my body couldn't take it any longer and I came for the first time that night. He didn't slow his pace even through the convulsions of my orgasm. He finally let go of my hands and I grabbed onto him for dear life, his rigorous ministrations already building me to another glorious climax. "It's amazing isn't it?" He growled in my ear, and I knew he was talking about how the chemicals had affected me. How it affected this. In my state all I could do was nod but that wasn't good enough for him. "Use your words." He demanded with another harsh roll of his hips. "Yes! It's amazing!" I cried out, surprised that I had any breath to spare. The sweat on our bodies reactivated the chemicals and it felt like there was a fire licking at my skin, especially where Jeremiah and I were connected. It was wildly erotic, and I suppose if I had to burn, I would want it to be with him. "Do you trust me?" He whispered. "Always." I replied breathlessly. An evil smile spread across his face and he stilled his movements. I whined in response and he just chuckled at my impatience. "Tap on my hands twice if it's too much." He ordered me and I agreed. His hands slid up my body, dipping into my hips and then gently up my chest until he reached my neck. He then began moving again, and this time his thrusts were slow and deep. His grip slowly tightened on my neck, his eyes burning into mine. I could hardly get a proper breath in, and there was this human instinct inside me that wanted to get him off of me. But I fought it, my eyes fluttering closed at the euphoria of an under-oxygenated mind. All I could feel was his firm hands and immense pleasure. I couldn't moan, the sounds getting caught in my throat. "You know I could kill you like this..." Jeremiah voiced suddenly, and there was a tinge of seriousness in his threat. While I should have found it alarming that my boyfriend could possibly kill me, oddly it was a huge turn on. "Do it." I choked out, the words barely audible due to his hands on my neck, but I knew he heard me. I opened my eyes to see that Jeremiah's were on fire with the possibility of taking my life while fucking me, and his grip tightened slightly as his eyes rolled into the back of his head with his jaw set tight. He was groaning with every other thrust and his enjoyment was the best reward. My vision began to get spotty, as I had gone too long without oxygen, but watching him fall apart was enough to cause another orgasm. As soon as Jeremiah felt it begin, he released his grip of my throat. I gasped as I came, the air rushing into my lungs as my body lurched forward into him. He growled in response and I felt his cum fill me with a series of final, jolting thrusts. I continued to gulp for air and he wrapped one of his arms around my back, holding me to him while his other arm held us both up. "Are you okay?" He asked, clearly spent. Once my breathing returned to normal I gently pulled back from him momentarily in order to kiss him. The kiss was sloppy as we were both exhausted from before but as we pulled away we both laughed. "I'm so much better than okay. I've missed you..." I said, my voice scratchy from his assault on my neck. He smiled down at me, placing a small kiss on my nose and it felt so good to be in his arms again. He then gently lowered me and rolled over to my side. I quickly turned into him, nuzzling my face into his chest, as was a habit from the years we had been together. It felt natural. It felt right. He wrapped an arm over me, placing a kiss to my forehead. "We will rise in Gotham, together... If anyone stands in our way, I will kill them." He stated, and I expected a part of me to be afraid of his words. I anticipated to feel at least slightly disgusted at the idea of murder or crime. But as I searched my soul, I found nothing. There was no reluctance to kill, no inhibition to stop me from the dark decent. "I'll kill anyone that tries to take you away from me. I won't loose you again." I declared and I felt his grip on me tighten. It was a glorious thing, playing on the edge of life and death. To us it was erotic, and I knew from that moment that we still had much more to explore in that area. He was all I needed. I had truly lost my mind.


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