Chapter 25 'America'

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"Hows the touring going?" Lily asked 

"Yeah, good. Fans are crazy over here." We all mumbled

She nodded her head the rested her head on the window, slowly falling into a sleep.

In her sleep she turned round and rested her head on my shoulder, fast asleep.

"Aww, look at Nialler!" Zayn coo-ed

I turned a deep shade of red.

"Dude, when you giving her that letter?" Harry whispered in my ear.

"Once I ask her." I sighed

He nodded and sat back in his seat.

"Lily, wake up babe." I whispered trying to shake Lily awake.

"That wont wake her up." Harry sighed

Harry poured water into his hands then flicked it into Lily's face, awakening her.

"Harry!" she shouted lunging for him.

He managed to get out of the mini-van in time but she chased him around the hotel lobby, eventually catching him and jumping onto his back as they play-fought with each other we all looked on laughing.

Once they had finished we all filled into the elevator, finally reaching the top floor. We all spilled out.

"Right one thing we didn't say..." Zayn started

"We forgot to book you guys a room." Harry finished

"It's okay we'll go down and book one." Eleanor shrugged

"But there is three spare beds in Niall, Louis and Liam's room." Zayn offered

The girls thought about it.

"Or we could go into each others rooms and you girls can share a room?" Liam offered

"Yeah, for the first few nights then we'll see how it goes." Danielle agreed

We all piled into the large hotel room with five bedrooms, Louis moved his stuff into Harry's room then we dragged another bed into Louis old room for the three girls.

"Thanks guys." they all smiled then started un-packing

"I'm first in the shower!" we heard Danielle say  and the other two girls groan.

Lily ran into the living area of the hotel.

"Who else has a shower in their room?" she asked

I raised my hand smiling.

"Nialler, can I use your shower please?" she asked in a sweet tone

"Sure, towels and that are in there. But use your own shampoo this time." I winked, she stuck her tongue out at me then ran into me room thanking me.

About half an hour later she came out of my room her hair dripping and in hollister joggers and a tank top.

She smiled and sat down on the floor.

"Lets watch a film." Harry suggested

"Oh come on Harold, it's our first night in America, lets go out!" Lily smiled

"Fine, go get ready then. We've been wanting to go to a club for ages." Harry laughed

"Woo!" Lily cheered got up and ran for her room, but not looking where she was going and fell over her suitcase.

We all burst out laughing as she stood up and stuck her tongue out at us.

Lilys POV

I ran into the room I was sharing with the girls and let them know we were going to a club. Danielle was going to stay in with Eleanor, Liam and Louis.

I pouted but started getting ready.

"Lil's this is your night to impress Niall." Danielle whispered in my ear.

"What?" I asked turning round to face her

She raised her eye brow in a knowing fashion

"I can see how much he likes you and how much you like him." 

I bit my lip.

"Here, wear this." Eleanor said picking out an outfit for me.

"Let me do your hair." Danielle smiled

"'ll do your makeup!" Eleanor offered

I've missed hanging around with girls so much, normally it was just me and the boys. Never just me and some friends that were girls.

I nodded and the girls set to work trying to make me look beautiful.

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