Chapter 3

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I was able to move into my new house and my stuff were delivered earlier and the furniture place delivered the baby furniture so I had them move it into her nursery .

I got my stuff in the drawers and closet I placed all my sheet in the linen closet and I fixed up everything then I decided to fold baby girl clothes up and put it up.

Once every thing gets sorted out my family is having a baby shower for me and it is also a welcome party for Zion Arianna yes I gave her a name the nurse called me and told me her biological mother name was Arianna so I gave her that name as her middle name.

** the next day **

Today I got a call at nine this morning saying that the court approved me adopting Zion so once I was finished I allowed the social worker to come in .

She tells me that the place is lovely she checks the kitchen first then the two living room,then she checks out the nursery let's just say she was impressed after checking the entire house she gave me the approval.

I followed her to the hospital up the pediatric ward and we went there and I was able to name the baby Zion Arianna Styles I signed her birth certificate and I signed the adoption papers officially becoming her mother and legal guardian.

Arianna would be coming out Friday today was Wednesday so I went to go change in the locker room saying as I start my shift soon .

I went and changed into a pair of scrubs I brought along with my shoes once I was done I placed my bag in my locker and went straight up to the pediatric ward.

" Girl one man here to see his son who came into the world a hour ago but the mother died giving birth " said the nurse who was working

" that's sad is the baby  healthy and did y'all had him sign the birth certificate "  I said making sure all of that was done.

" yeah and the baby boy is right next to your daughter plus the guy he got full custody of the baby the girl parents weren't even here " she said that's a shame.

" Damn that's a shame your daughter passed away from giving birth and you didn't show up for the birth of your grandchild that means they disown her when she got pregnant " I said

I went in the nursery and checked on the baby boy he was healthy he had curly hair I'm guessing his mom was mixed and he is a cute healthy baby boy.

I went and check on the children all around the ward and they were doing ok and I gave each of them their medicine and changed their bandage who needed there's changed of course.

" excuse me nurse can I talk to you " said the guy whose baby was born an hour ago so I went near him so I can talk to him.

" Good day I'm nurse Styles how may I help you sir " I said being professional giving him all my attention

" Good day I'm Devan Cooper and I'm the father of the boy just born I was wondering how do I be a father to him this is my first time being a dad " he said.

" ok sir you will be a great father first  of all plus with the help from me and the nurses we will show you how to bathe him and change his diaper plus how to put his clothes on" I said.

" Thank you so much 😊 can I get your number in case I need help and I appreciate you his maternal grandparents didn't want nothing to do with the baby they basically disowned their daughter " he said

I gave him my number and I will help him cause he don't know a thing about being a father and plus he really needs someone who can help.


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Zion Arianna Styles

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