Chapter 1

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Levy P.O.V

"What was that Salamander?!" Gajeel yelled at Natsu from across the guild. I sighed and turned back to my book, knowing he would get up to fight the pink haired dragon slayer. It had been three weeks since the Dragon Gate was closed and the guild was finally rebuilt. Though I'm pretty sure it would be in rubles again by the end of the day. As i had guessed, Gajeel jumped up at Natsus insult and the three, Gray included, ended up busting a hole through the wall. Several people laughed while the master cried into his beer.

I looked up as someone sat beside me and looked up to see my favorite rain woman. "Hey Juvia. " I said with a smile. "Hello Levy, are we still training today?" she asked and I nodded. Since I had revealed I was a dragon slayer, I haven't had to be sneaky about my training with her. It usually turned into a spectator sport really, and several times Natsu like to jump in. Gajeel always got nervous when we fought but I kept telling him I was stronger than he thought.

As we left Lucy and Wendy came with us, they always enjoyed watching. The boys hadn't realized we left because the master was yelling at them. We reached the river where we trained and the girls sat on the edge of the river while Juvia and I waded through the water. I lifted my hands as I faced her and she slid her right foot back, taking her stance. We stared each other down before attacking. She lashed out with her water slicer and I formed into water, allowing it to pass through me. It was getting easier but it still hurt a little. I lifted both of my hands and the water beneath her shot up like a geyser and sending her skyward. She spun in the air, sending boiling water towards me. I made a wave of river water over me to stop the hot jet stream.

"Water lock!" I shouted, throwing my hand towards her and a bubble incased her. "You did it this time Levy-chan!" Lucy shouted. Water lock was a new technique for me, it was pretty hard to master. Unfortunately, it turns out, I still hadn't mastered it. Juvia easily broke free and formed into water, disappearing into the river.

I quickly looked around, trying to find the rain woman. I encased my hands in water as I searched, I heard the slight shift of water. "Water Dragons Iron Fist!" I shouted as I turned and slammed my fist into her chest. She flew back and skidded across the bank. She quickly jumped back up and threw her hand out. "Water Lock!" she shouted and I was trapped in a bubble of water. Like Juvia I could breath under water but she kept applying preasure and I winced. I focused on the water in the bubble and it started to spin. It spun faster and faster until I couldn't see the three girls on the bank. "Water Dragon Spout!" I shouted into the water. The water lock broke free and morphed into a water spout, a tornado of water, and shot at Juvia. Wendy and Lucy had to scatter as it slammed into her and broke several trees around her.

I was breathing heavily as I stood in the waist high water and stared at the down rain woman. She weakly pulled herself to her feet and smiled at me, breathing as hard as me. "Good job Levy. Juvia thinks that's good for today." she said weakly. I nodded and waded to the bank, laying weakly on the grass. "That was awesome Levy-san!" Wendy said as they ran to me. I grinned up at her. "Thanks. Still needs some work though."I said with a yawn and they laughed. "Aw did we miss it?" Natsu asked as he walked up to us with Gajeel and Gray. "Only just."Lucy said as Gajeel sat next to me. I grinned up at him and he rolled his eyes, ruffling my hair. "Don't strain yourself shrimp." He said as his eyes wandered down to my leg and I could see the sadness in his crimson eyes.

My leg had never healed properly from the void dragon. While the magic had been removed, the damage had been done and my left leg was weak. It never hurt but sometimes it would randomly give out and I would eat dirt, but I would just stand up and dust myself off. The skin on my left side and on my neck was slightly darker as well but I never noticed anymore. Only Gajeel seemed to notice and he always looked so pained. " It's fine Gajeel." I said to my mate with a smile. He was still frowning but nodded slightly before looking back up to my face. "I'm going on a job in the morning, want to come with me?" I grinned and nodded as I sat up.

He stood and pulled me to my feet before we followed everyone back to the guild. Wendy offered to heal what small injuries we had but we declined. I held Gajeels hand in mine as we walked, his thumb lightly circling the back of my hand. We had dinner at the guild with everyone before Gajeel walked me home. He gave me a small kiss outside of the gates before I went inside. That morning he was waiting outside the gates for me as I ran out with my backpack on my shoulders. We reached the train station and I groaned inwardly. Me and trains have never been, and never will be friends. I sat by Gajeel, letting him have the window seat and wrapped my arms around my already churning stomach.

" Don't tell me." He said as he looked at me and I looked away. "Shut up " I groaned as the train lurched forward and I felt like hurling. Jet and Drop knew I had motion sickness and usually Drop had some medicean from his plants that help a little. Gajeel chuckled weakly and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me against him. "We can suffer together shrimpy.... Just try to relax." He said with a pale face. I couldn't help but giggle slightly. We sat groaning together until we finally reached our stop. I stumbled off the train and leaned against a pillar while Gajeel just laid face down on the ground.

Once the world stopped spinning I stood up straight. Gajeel pulled himself up and dusted off his jacket. We set off through the crowded streets for the clients house. I had to hold onto his jacket so I wouldn't get lost. "Why is it so crowded?" he smirked a little. "It's a festival shrimp." I raised an eyebrow at him. "Our job is to help set things up. And then afterwards," he looked away though I was sure I had seen a flush of pink on his face. "I figured we could enjoy the festival together." He grumbled the last part but I heard him. I felt my face burn and I smiled.

"That's very sweet of you Gajeel."I said as I pushed through the people stand walk directly beside him. I held onto his arm and smiled happily. After this job, it would be the first thing we had done together as a couple. Now I realized why Lily and Theo weren't there. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face as we walked and I could tell Gajeel was flustered. My thoughts were than distracted as I caught a very familiar scent, one that shouldn't be here. The scent of the ocean in the middle of a storm, of salt and sand. I froze and looked around, there was no way. "You alright shri-" he sniffed and froze. He caught Tsunderas scent too.

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