Chapter 2

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I just got off my shift and I got good news CPS came at eight this morning to meet the so call nurse which is me who wants to adopt the baby she told me everything thing that I needed to know.

And she told me it would have to go through court and that the documents for the baby will be created and that she has see how I'm living .

I'm currently living in a condo so while I was on my break I went online and found a nice mini mansion and I called the realtor and I told her that I'm interested in buying the mansion so I'm meeting with them now.

I called my mom and dad to tell them the good news they were happy and dad he decided to buy the mansion so he wrote a check and dropped it off to me so I'm going to meet the realtor at my soon to be new house.

The social worker was coming next week Monday and the baby was coming out soon plus the lady told me I have to name the baby too.

I went to the mansion straight from work and met the lady she showed me around the mansion was just as beautiful as I saw it online it had nine rooms including the master bedroom, nine and a half baths , two living room , a big kitchen, a laundry room what was fully furnished the house was furnish it had two pools one indoor and one outdoor.

I bought it and she took the sign down I decided to move all my stuff tomorrow into the house and put my condo up for rent since I own it yep I have a bunch of condominium I own.

I also went to the baby store to get clothes for the baby and a baby furniture store for furniture I bought a crib,changing table, baby tub, baby cradle and many more stuff they were delivering it tomorrow.

I called a moving company earlier to move my stuff from the condo to the house so when I got back home I packed my clothes and shoes along with my other stuff in boxes and placed it to the side.

Once every thing was done I went and cooked my last meal in the condo and ate once I was done eating I clean my mess.

I went to sleep well it was my last night here since I am moving out and going to my new house.


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I know it short but I'm trying to update quickly for y'all

So I'm changing Devan age from 23 to 29 since I'm using the singer and actor Tank to portray him guys.

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