Chapter 19

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Reader's POV
It took everything I had in me to stop myself from exploding and yelling like a madman. Bowser JR was in a league of her own! I had to stop myself from going to crazy as Bowser JR again beat all of us in another game of Mario Strikers with three loses to seven wins. I sighed loudly and laid back as Junior laughed, turning the GameCube away as she turned the TV on.

Chompette just rested her head back against my leg as she poked me from time to time, quiet as she gave the TV most of her attention.

Booette often shifted next to me, every once and awhile placing her head onto my shoulder as though it were a pillow, immediently pulling away whenever someone took noticed or acted off. Eventually, I just held her close to myself, causing her to squeak and blush as she shyly nuzzled into me.

Junior just sat next to me and Bowsette as she ate little snacks and teased Chompette with them, smiling as she goofed off with the chain chomp princess.

Bowsette watched TV, seemingly satisfied with the atmosphere. I couldn't really blame here for that. After all, she wanted this.

What surprised me, was when she ruffled my hair and smiled as she kept watching TV. I smiled softly and rolled my eyes as I moved her hand away, petting Chompette's head as I did so. This caused the chain chomp to get excited as she started to bark and crawled up, licking me as she barked.

I fought down my blush as Booette tried to make Chompette get off my lap, causing both of us to fall off the couch and next to Junior, who was giggling at our activity. I struggled to get up as Chompette barked more at me and Booette, who was already floating as she helped me up.

Bowsette: Quite lively
(YN): You can say tha--
Booette: N-Nooo!

I sighed and tried to move Booette away from Chompette as Junior waved another small snack in front of her, immediently catching her attention. Bowsette watched as Junior ran around with Chompette while I tried to calm Booette down from her shy, pouty bit.

Bowsette's POV
No doubt about it, it was amusing. I honestly didn't expect Junior to get along so well with them. Let alone be so willing to share food and play games with them.

I laid back and watched as they all went crazy. I'm sure they'll all calm themselves down or tire themselves trying. I closed my eyes to try and toon out their noise until I felt someone land onto the couch next to me. I took a small glance and saw Junior and Chompette now racing around the room, seemingly more energized then before.


I looked over and saw (YN) and Booette were both on the couch, seeming to have been bumped by the other two. While Booette's face landed into (YN)'s chest, (YN) landed in a... questionable spot between my thighs.

 questionable spot between my thighs

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I could react in multiple ways. But for the sake of keeping the positive, energetic atmosphere, I kept my cool for once and just played with (YN)'s hair as he got up and started to bombard me with apologies. I only smiled and continued toplay with his hair.

Bowsette: Just try to be more careful next time. Okay, hun?
(YN): Alright...but.. why are you playing with my hair?
Bowsette: I like it. Its soothing.

He looked at me but shrugged as he sat up, letting Booette continue to use him as a pillow while I wrapped an arm around him, holding him closer to myself as I continued twirling my fingers through his soft hair.

Calming. Too calming. Looking around, I saw Chompette and Junior, both passed out. With Chompette hugging (YN)'s leg and Junior slumped over the couch's arm. I smiled and lowered the TVs volume so that everyone can relax and begin to rest.

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