Chapter Two

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  “Hello to you to Don Don, it has been far too long since the last time we have spoken.” Benny was not your average looking person, he was a very tall slightly thin male. He had unusual black hair with green eyes that show no mercy, you see Benny was very ambitious and ruthless. As Don would describe him, he's quite handsome with his freckles, it would take your breath away if he wasn't a freaking sociopath.

 “Dang, I thought it was Don's boyfriend.” Dashlie sighed with disappointment, she started scrubbing one of the tables.

 “He is not my boyfriend, I don't like him like that. I barely like him as it is, he's a nuisance.” Don huffed while crossing his arms.

 Benny walked between Dashlie and Don, he turned his head towards Dashlie. “He's still in denial,” Dashlie rolled her eyes at Benny, Benny turned his head towards Don. “How cute.”  Benny then looked at Don. "Didn't you were going to ask him out like five days ago? Did that plan not fall through?" 

  Don wanted to punch him in the face, the only thing stopping him was his dignity. “Why can't I just have one day where I don't see your stupid face?” Don muttered as he turned around and walked behind the counter to take the male's order. “What do you want moron?” 

  Benny walked over to the counter. “Now Don, that's not great customer service. You don't want me to get your manager now do you?” Don gritted his teeth as Benny smirked. 

  “What can I get you today, sir?” Don asked through gritted teeth, this only caused Benny's smirk to grow. 

  “Much better,” It took everything in Don not to strangle him right then and there. “All I need is a hot chocolate, my sister wanted me to get it for her.” Benny may be mean to other people but when it comes to his sisters he is actually pretty caring, which was very surprising. 

  Don wrote that down and got to work on making the drink. Once he had finished making it he put the lid on it and walked back over where the tall male was standing. “That'll be five dollars.” Benny pulled out a five and threw it on the counter. 

  “Keep the change.” Benny winked as he walked out. Don's eye twitched as he watched the eye sore leave, he picked up the money and threw it in the cash register. 

  “Can I kill him?” Don looked over at Dashlie for permission. 

  “No,” She began. “Not yet, I refuse to work here alone.” Dashlie walked over to the counter and sat on it, she looked at the small male as he rested his cheek on his hand. 

  “I'm going to kill him.” Don was glaring at the entrance, he honestly didn't even look intimidating, Dashlie thought he looked like an angry bunny. The thought caused her to let out a small giggle which made Don look at her. “What's so funny?” 

  Dashlie couldn't contain her laughter any longer. “You look like an angry bunny!” She said between her fits of laughter, he growled and flipped her off. Dashlie's laughs slowly died down as she looked around the empty coffee shop, she then turned her attention to the clock on the wall that read nine in the morning. 

  Her eyes light up with excitement. “Yes! My shift it done!” She ripped off her apron and threw it at Don. “See you back at the apartment loser! I'm free!” Dashlie grabbed her things and bolted out the door leaving Don dumbfounded. 

  “What just happened?” He asked to no one in particular, Don looked around the empty shop and let out a sigh. “Might as well finish this book.” He walked over to his bag and grabbed out the book he had been reading the past few days. This will be one long, boring shift for Don. 

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