DECEMBER 14, 2018!

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As of today my precious roses I will be editing and changing In The Arms of You. The storyline will still be the same for the most part but there WILL be some changes to the plot and to the way characters act. What's on wattpad right now is just a first draft of this story with so much more potential, in my opinion, to become something better. 

I will not be updating any chapters or adding any chapters until I've edited the entire story for a second time. Over the last year, I've gained more skills in my writing and I want to share those skills with you as I grow as a writer. 

Being in my senior year of high school I've got a lot of things going on so I haven't had the time to write or edit but that changes today. Being my most successful (and favorite) story I've written I thought I'd start with it. 

Thank you to all who have read the first draft of the book and have told me mistakes and what you think needs to be changed I really appreciate it! I will let you all know when I've updated the book starting with the synopsis as I think it gives too much of the plot away. 

Until next time my precious roses...

~ Rosie ~

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