Chapter 5.

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He muttered a few curse words not so discreetly before flipping the hysterical boys off. Oscar hadn't felt so comfortable in a group of people in a while. It felt real good.

Cain shook his white locks, splattering  AJ and Zeus with the remenants of the coke and mento foam.
"We should probably get back soon. Even if we're one minute late, we will be in isolation tomorrow." Theo pointed out, looking at his old, beaten up watch. Oscar stood up and began to lower himself off the rocks. Isolation on his first day did not seem like a lot of fun. The other boys all rose and followed him down the rocks, most of them jumping, but Danny stuck to clambering.

They followed the same route all the way back to school, signing back in two minutes early. As they were walking down the corridor, Oscar slowed down, analysing the old school maps as he went.
"Hey, Oscar? You good, buddy?" Blu turned to speak to Oscar, realising that he had stopped completely.
"Uhh... Yeah, I'm fine, but I was just wondering, can someone show me back to my dorm room? I forgot which way to go..." Oscar looked at the floor and pushed his glasses back up his nose. Cain rolled his eyes and kept going down the corridor, presumably to his own dorm room.

Blu pulled a face at Cain's back and smiled at Oscar.
"You guys go to your dorms," Blu turned to talk to the boys, "I'll take Oscar back to his room."
Blu began to walk down the corridor, and Oscar followed behind him, taking in every detail so that he could remember which way to go if he were alone.
After a couple minutes, Blu stopped outside dorm 427- and Oscar's home for however long he had to stay at Ivywood Academy.

Blu enveloped Oscar in a big hug.
"I'm glad I met you. You're a decent fella, and we needed a new one of those around here. I'll come find you at half past seven so we can get breakfast- be ready!" he waved before walking just down the hallway to his own dorm. 

Oscar put his hand into his back pocket and pulled out his key. Just as he was about to put the key into the lock, the door flew open, revealing Jackson... Or rather his bare chest.
"Will you stop making so much noise outside the door?! Can't I shower in peace?" Jackson grabbed Oscars arm and pulled him into the room, then locked the door again. He stormed off back into the bathroom, and Oscar stayed frozen until he heard the shower water running again, hitting whatever tiles were in the bathroom.

Oscar went over to where he had left his bag and pulled out one of his favourite books- The Fault In Our Stars. He knew it was a bit of a soppy book, but he enjoyed the plot and the characters' personalities. It also brought back memories of him and his older sister coming out of the cinema in floods of tears after watching the movie. Chuckling softly, Oscar placed the book back in his bag and opened the chest of drawers where he was told his uniform would be.

He scrunched his nose up at the sight. A white button up shirt and sandy trousers were only possibly bearable. Matters were only made worse by the red and deep brown, almost black stripy tie; and the worst of all was the dark, muddy brown blazer, sporting the school's crest. Swiftly, Oscar shut the drawer and turned away from it. 

He walked over to the set of bunk beds and climbed the rickety ladder to top bed, and sat down cross legged, promptly hitting his head on the ceiling, earning a pained groan from Oscar. Oscar realised that he had forgotten to text him mum, and brought his phone out from his back pocket. Not wanting to be disturbed for the rest of the night, he also untangled his beaten up earphones and plugged them in, blasting Set It Off in his ears. After texting his mother to inform her that he was most definitely not dead, he texted his older sister, Jasmine, as he knew she would want to see if there were any, in her words 'fit lads'. 

Oscar: hi sis. sry, but im not dead yet. xD

Jasmine: Damn it...

Oscar: stfu >:( 

Jasmine: Anyway... Do I need to ask what I'm about to ask, or can you just tell me?

Oscar: no good looking guys just yet... ill keep u updated -_-

Jasmine: Ew. Bye my favourite gay x

Oscar: ha. bye my favourite straight x

Oscar went back on his phone and shuffled through some songs before coming to Duality by Set It Off, and listening to the lyrics, realised how two faced he was. To everyone but his sister, he was straight as can be, having had two girlfriends to cover his homosexuality which failed miserably.

Oscar had been on his phone for so long, that he didn't even realise that the light had been switched off, and Jackson was seemingly asleep beneath him. Oscar plugged his phone in the charger at the end of his bed, because for some reason, there was a socket at one of the highest points of the wall. Feeling overwhelmed with nausea and nerves, he lay his head down on the pillow and started humming some random pop song in his head, hoping it would act like a bizarre lullaby and send him to sleep.

Reasonably so, Oscar did not want to deal with his first day. He was an early riser no matter what, so he knew he could get up in time. At around 11pm he heard a conversation through the wall, so listened to that as he fell asleep.

"You idiot, Kaleb! You can't just share information like that!" Isaac yelled at the rotund boy.
Kaleb bit into an apple and munched on it as he spoke.
"You said you wanted business." he said dumbly.
"Yeah. Business. Not publicity, you moronic bastard!" Isaac flicked Kaleb in the forehead before plopping down on his bed.
"You know, just one more year, and I'm out of this god damn hell hole. Unless you, or some of the other brats mess with me..." Isaac warned, closing his eyes.

Kaleb swallowed the piece of apple he'd been chewing and jabbed a thumb toward the wall that separated his and Isaac's dorm with Oscar and Jackson's.
"What do you think of the new kid? Brown hair, glasses."
Isaac snapped his eyes open and sat up.

"He's the boy that stood out against the Beast isn't he? I told them the fight was happening, but didn't expect the new pipsqueak to say anything."
Kaleb shrugged and pulled himself onto the top bunk, making it creak and groan under his weight. He fell right to sleep whilst Isaac's head began ticking away and plotting.

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